Dais Plural, What is the Plural of Dais?

Meaning: a low platform for a lectern or throne.

Plural of DAIS

Singular Plural
Dais Daises


  • podium
  • rostrum
  • seat
  • stage
  • table
  • terrace
  • bench

Dais as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The speaker stood on the elevated dais.
  2. She gracefully ascended the ceremonial dais.
  3. The important guests were seated on the dais.
  4. The bride and groom stood on the beautifully decorated dais.
  5. The award was presented on the grand dais.
  6. The President addressed the nation from the central dais.
  7. The event organizer welcomed everyone from the dais.
  8. The guest of honor made a speech from the dais.
  9. The performer commanded attention from the center of the dais.
  10. The host introduced the panelists on the elevated dais.

Dais as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The speakers stood on their respective daises.
  2. The conference had multiple elevated daises.
  3. The event hall had beautifully decorated daises.
  4. Each participant was allocated a designated dais.
  5. The award ceremony had a row of grand daises.
  6. The dignitaries were seated on different elevated daises.
  7. The summit featured panel discussions on various daises.
  8. The stage had multiple levels and separate daises.
  9. The seminar had individual daises for each speaker.
  10. The theater had different sections with their own daises.

Singular Possessive of Dais

The singular possessive form of “Dais” is “Dais’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Dais

  1. The speaker stood on the Dais’s edge.
  2. The microphone was placed on Dais’s center.
  3. Dais’s height provided a clear view.
  4. The decoration adorned Dais’s front.
  5. The host welcomed the guests from Dais’s top.
  6. Dais’s purpose was to elevate the speaker.
  7. The spotlight highlighted Dais’s elegance.
  8. The ceremony began at Dais’s foot.
  9. The steps led up to Dais’s platform.
  10. The flowers decorated Dais’s sides.

Plural Possessive of Dais

The plural possessive form of “Dais” is “Dais'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Dais

  1. The guests gathered around the Dais’ edges.
  2. The flowers adorned the Dais’ centers.
  3. The event organizers prepared the Dais’ heights.
  4. The speakers stood on the Dais’ fronts.
  5. The hosts welcomed the guests from the Dais’ tops.
  6. The venue’s lights highlighted the Dais’ elegance.
  7. The decorators embellished the Dais’ foot.
  8. The steps led up to the Dais’ platforms.
  9. The photographers captured the beauty of the Dais’ sides.
  10. The ceremony concluded with the guests exiting the Dais’ area.

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