Treatment Plural, What is the Plural of Treatment?

Meaning: the manner in which someone behaves

Singular and Plural of Treatment

Singular Plural
treatment treatments


Treatment as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor recommended a course of medical treatment.
  2. She sought professional treatment for her anxiety.
  3. The spa offers luxurious beauty and wellness treatments.
  4. The patient underwent a specialized treatment for his condition.
  5. The therapist provided counseling and emotional treatment.
  6. The hospital is renowned for its advanced cancer treatments.
  7. The dermatologist prescribed a new treatment for acne.
  8. The veterinarian administered the necessary treatment to the injured animal.
  9. The alternative medicine clinic offers holistic treatment
  10. The rehabilitation center focuses on addiction treatment.

Treatment as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The medical center offers various specialized treatments.
  2. The research team discovered new cancer treatments.
  3. They compared the effectiveness of different psychological treatments.
  4. The spa provides relaxing and rejuvenating beauty treatments.
  5. The clinic specializes in non-invasive cosmetic treatments.
  6. The insurance company covers certain medical treatments.
  7. The government invested in improving mental health treatments.
  8. The scientists are developing innovative gene therapy treatments.
  9. The holistic health center offers alternative treatments.
  10. The patients received personalized treatments based on their conditions.

Singular Possessive of Treatment

The singular possessive form of “Treatment” is “Treatment’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Treatment:

  1. The treatment’s effectiveness was undeniable.
  2. I was impressed by the treatment’s results.
  3. We need to consider the treatment’s side effects.
  4. The cost of the treatment’s medication is high.
  5. The doctor explained the treatment’s benefits.
  6. The success of the treatment’s approach surprised everyone.
  7. The duration of the treatment’s effectiveness varied.
  8. The treatment’s duration depends on the individual.
  9. The doctor explained the treatment’s process.
  10. We should discuss the treatment’s long-term effects.

Plural Possessive of Treatment

The plural possessive form of “Treatment” is “Treatments'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Treatment:

  1. The treatments’ outcomes were diverse.
  2. The cost of the treatments’ medications is a concern.
  3. We should analyze the treatments’ success rates.
  4. The doctors discussed the treatments’ side effects.
  5. The effectiveness of the treatments’ approaches varied.
  6. The treatments’ benefits outweigh the risks.
  7. Patients should follow the treatments’ instructions carefully.
  8. The research focused on comparing the treatments’ results.
  9. The treatments’ availability depends on location.
  10. We should evaluate the treatments’ long-term effects.

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