Ross Plural, What is the Plural of Ross?

Meaning: a cloth store

Singular and Plural of Ross

Singular Plural
ross rosses

Ross as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Ross is a popular clothing store in town.
  2. She bought a stylish dress from Ross.
  3. The sale at Ross attracted many shoppers.
  4. Ross offers a wide range of fashion choices.
  5. He found a great deal on shoes at Ross.
  6. She enjoys browsing through the racks at Ross.
  7. The customer service at Ross is excellent.
  8. Ross is known for its affordable prices.
  9. He prefers shopping at Ross for trendy clothes.
  10. She discovered a hidden gem of a blouse at Ross.

Ross as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Rosses in the city are known for their quality clothing.
  2. People love the variety of options at the local Rosses.
  3. The Rosses have a fantastic selection of formal attire.
  4. Customers flock to the nearby Rosses for their fashion needs.
  5. The latest fashion trends can be found at the various Rosses.
  6. She enjoys exploring different Rosses for unique finds.
  7. The discounts at the end-of-season sales in the Rosses are unbeatable.
  8. The Rosses offer a diverse range of clothing for all ages.
  9. The fashion-savvy individuals are regular visitors to the nearby Rosses.
  10. The shoppers rave about the customer service at the local Rosses.

Singular Possessive of Ross 

The singular possessive form of “Ross” is “Ross’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ross:

  1. I borrowed Ross’s car for the weekend.
  2. The teacher asked for Ross’s permission to use his artwork.
  3. The company recognized Ross’s efforts with an award.
  4. The director reviewed Ross’s script for the upcoming film.
  5. The doctor examined Ross’s X-rays for signs of injury.
  6. The coach praised Ross’s dedication to the team.
  7. The landlord inspected Ross’s apartment for maintenance issues.
  8. The journalist interviewed Ross’s family for the article.
  9. The judge considered Ross’s testimony during the trial.
  10. The editor requested Ross’s revisions on the manuscript.

Plural Possessive of Ross 

The plural possessive form of “Ross” is “Rosses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ross:

  1. The siblings gathered at the Rosses’ house for the holidays.
  2. The neighbors complained about the Rosses’ noisy parties.
  3. The company hired both Rosses’ as consultants.
  4. The school recognized the Rosses’ contributions to the community.
  5. The survey included questions about the Rosses’ preferences.
  6. The doctor discussed the Rosses’ medical history with them.
  7. The counselor met with the Rosses’ children to address their concerns.
  8. The restaurant reserved a table for the Rosses’ anniversary dinner.
  9. The lawyer prepared the Rosses’ wills and estate plans.
  10. The gallery showcased the Rosses’ artwork in a joint exhibition.

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