Hex Plural, What is the plural of Hex?

Meaning: a magic spell; a curse.

Plural of Hex

Singular Plural
Hex Hexes

Hex as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He cast a hex on his opponent in the game.
  2. The witch placed a powerful hex on the potion.
  3. The wizard’s spell included a secret hex.
  4. They believed the necklace contained a cursed hex.
  5. She whispered an ancient hex under her breath.
  6. The magician performed an enchanting hex on the audience.
  7. The sorcerer chanted a mystical hex during the ritual.
  8. He studied the book of forbidden hexes.
  9. The enchanted forest was filled with mysterious hexes.
  10. The curse was broken by a counter hex.

Hex as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They cast powerful hexes on their enemies.
  2. The witches gathered to discuss their secret hexes.
  3. The magician performed a series of intricate hexes.
  4. He discovered an ancient book of dark hexes.
  5. They believed the village was cursed with multiple hexes.
  6. The sorcerers competed to create the strongest hexes.
  7. The enchanted forest was filled with hidden hexes.
  8. They chanted together, casting overlapping hexes.
  9. The spells included both blessings and hexes.
  10. The witch’s spellbook contained numerous dangerous hexes.

Singular Possessive of Hex

The singular possessive form of “Hex” is “Hex’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hex:

  1. I borrowed Hex’s book for my research.
  2. Hex’s ideas are always innovative and interesting.
  3. The success of the project relied on Hex’s expertise.
  4. We admired Hex’s dedication to the task.
  5. The responsibility for the outcome lies with Hex’s team.
  6. I was impressed by Hex’s attention to detail.
  7. Hex’s opinion carries a lot of weight in this matter.
  8. The design reflects Hex’s artistic vision.
  9. Hex’s contribution to the discussion was valuable.
  10. We celebrated Hex’s achievements at the ceremony.

Plural Possessive of Hex

The plural possessive form of “Hex” is “Hexes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hex:

  1. The equipment belongs to Hexes’ laboratory.
  2. We followed Hexes’ instructions for the experiment.
  3. The success of the project relied on Hexes’ efforts.
  4. The results were consistent with Hexes’ predictions.
  5. Hexes’ research findings were published in prestigious journals.
  6. The funding for the research came from Hexes’ grants.
  7. The team members implemented Hexes’ recommendations.
  8. The innovations were a result of Hexes’ collaboration.
  9. Hexes’ contributions to the field are widely recognized.
  10. We appreciated Hexes’ insights during the meeting.

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