Clutch Plural, What is the plural of Clutch?

Meaning: grasp (something) tightly.

Plural of CLUTCH

Singular Plural
Clutch Clutchs

Synonyms of CLUTCH

  • clamp
  • clasp
  • coupling
  • grapple
  • clench
  • clinch
  • connection

Clutch as a Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She held onto her clutch tightly.
  2. He put his keys in the clutch.
  3. She carried a small black clutch.
  4. The bride had a beautiful beaded clutch.
  5. He dropped his clutch and it broke.

Coccus as a Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The microscope revealed a single coccus.
  2. The coccus bacteria multiplied rapidly.
  3. They studied the structure of the coccus.
  4. The lab technician identified the coccus under the microscope.
  5. The coccus shape was spherical.

Singular Possessive of Clutch

The singular possessive form of “Clutch” is “Clutch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Clutch:

  1. I admire Clutch’s determination to succeed.
  2. The color of Clutch’s feathers is vibrant.
  3. Clutch’s performance in the play was outstanding.
  4. We should respect Clutch’s opinion on the matter.
  5. The size of Clutch’s house is impressive.
  6. Clutch’s loyalty to their friends is unwavering.
  7. I borrowed Clutch’s car for the weekend.
  8. The aroma of Clutch’s cooking filled the room.
  9. The design of Clutch’s website is sleek and modern.
  10. I appreciate Clutch’s dedication to their work.

Plural Possessive of Clutch

The plural possessive form of “Clutch” is “Clutches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Clutch:

  1. The colors of Clutches’ feathers are mesmerizing.
  2. I need to fix Clutches’ broken handles.
  3. The performance of Clutches’ team was impressive.
  4. We should respect Clutches’ opinions on the matter.
  5. The sizes of Clutches’ houses vary greatly.
  6. Clutches’ loyalty to their values is admirable.
  7. I borrowed one of Clutches’ cars for the weekend.
  8. The aromas of Clutches’ cooking filled the kitchen.
  9. The designs of Clutches’ websites are diverse.
  10. I appreciate Clutches’ dedication to their craft.

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