Gold Plural, What is the plural of Gold?

Meaning of Gold

a yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79.

Singular and Plural of Gold

Singular Plural
Gold Golds

Gold as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She inherited a valuable piece of gold
  2. The ancient tomb was filled with treasures made of gold.
  3. He invested in gold bullion to diversify his portfolio.
  4. The artist crafted a beautiful sculpture from pure gold.
  5. The crown was adorned with precious gold
  6. The Olympic champion won a gold medal for his performance.
  7. The sun’s rays reflected off the shimmering gold
  8. The royal family possessed vast reserves of gold.
  9. The jeweler displayed a stunning gold necklace in the shop window.
  10. The king’s throne was made of solid gold.

Gold as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The prospectors discovered vast deposits of gold.
  2. The miners extracted large quantities of gold from the ground.
  3. They amassed great wealth through trading gold.
  4. The jewelry store showcased an array of exquisite gold
  5. The thieves stole a fortune in stolen gold
  6. The museum exhibited a collection of ancient gold
  7. The country’s economy thrived on exporting gold.
  8. The black market dealt with illegal trafficking of gold.
  9. The alchemist dedicated his life to transmuting base metals into gold.
  10. The pirate’s treasure chest was filled with glittering gold

Singular Possessive of Gold

The singular possessive form of “Gold” is “Gold’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Gold:

  1. The value of gold’s fluctuation affects the market.
  2. Gold’s purity determines its quality.
  3. The jeweler examined gold’s authenticity.
  4. The price of gold’s investment is rising.
  5. Gold’s shine caught everyone’s attention.
  6. The allure of gold’s luxury is undeniable.
  7. The beauty of gold’s color is captivating.
  8. The theft affected gold’s security measures.
  9. Gold’s scarcity contributes to its value.
  10. The discovery increased gold’s demand.

Plural Possessive of Gold

The plural possessive form of “Gold” is “Golds'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Gold:

  1. The investors’ portfolios include various golds’.
  2. The theft affected the security of golds’ storage.
  3. The market’s demand determines the prices of golds’.
  4. The allure of golds’ value attracts many.
  5. The purity of golds’ determines their worth.
  6. The craftsmanship enhanced golds’ beauty.
  7. The dealers handle multiple golds’ transactions.
  8. The miners discovered new sources of golds’.
  9. The investors monitor golds’ performance closely.
  10. The buyers’ interest in golds’ is increasing.

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