Flare Plural, What is the plural of Flare?

Meaning: a piece of cloth or similar material.

Singular and Plural of Flare

Singular Plural
Flare Flares

Flare as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The bright flare illuminated the night sky.
  2. I lit a flare to signal for help.
  3. The photographer captured the beautiful colors of the sunset flare.
  4. The firefighter used a handheld flare to guide the team.
  5. The sudden flare of pain made me wince.
  6. The astronaut saw a distant flare in the darkness of space.
  7. The match produced a small flare before igniting.
  8. The bonfire sent a warm flare into the cool evening air.
  9. The storm caused a power flare that disrupted electricity in the area.
  10. The car’s exhaust emitted a blue flare.

Flare as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fireworks created bright and colorful flares in the sky.
  2. The flare gun launched several emergency flares.
  3. The photographer captured multiple stunning flares during the sunrise.
  4. The special effects team used pyrotechnic flares for the movie scene.
  5. The sudden flares of anger strained their relationship.
  6. The sailor watched as the distress flares were fired into the air.
  7. The volcanic eruption sent ash flares high into the atmosphere.
  8. The driver’s car had several reflective flares in the trunk.
  9. The military conducted training exercises with simulated flares.
  10. The photographer experimented with different camera settings to capture unique flares.

Singular Possessive of Flare

The singular possessive form of “Flare” is “Flare’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Flare:

  1. The firefighter used the Flare’s bright light to signal for help.
  2. I admired the fireworks’ Flare’s explosion in the sky.
  3. The photographer captured the sun’s Flare’s in the lens.
  4. The flare gun emitted a red Flare’s for distress signals.
  5. I shielded my eyes from the Flare’s intense brightness.
  6. The flare gun’s trigger released the Flare’s into the air.
  7. I noticed the boat’s Flare’s floating on the water’s surface.
  8. The chemist studied the Flare’s chemical composition.
  9. I saw the lightning’s Flare’s illuminate the night sky.
  10. The flare gun’s Flare’s slowly descended with a parachute.

Plural Possessive of Flare

The plural possessive form of “Flare” is “Flares'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Flare:

  1. The military personnel launched multiple Flares’ for illumination.
  2. I witnessed the different colors of the fireworks’ Flares’.
  3. The photographer captured the night sky filled with shooting stars’ Flares’.
  4. The rescuers used the distress Flares’ to locate the stranded hikers.
  5. I watched the ship’s distress Flares’ from the shore.
  6. The pyrotechnician synchronized the fireworks’ Flares’ with music.
  7. I noticed the boat’s emergency Flares’ in the safety kit.
  8. The stadium displayed a spectacular show with synchronized Flares’.
  9. The astronaut saw the Earth’s atmosphere’s Flares’ from space.
  10. I photographed the meteor’s bright Flares’ during the shower.

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