Toast Plural, What is the Plural of Toast?

Meaning: sliced bread browned from both sides

Singular and Plural of Toast

Singular Plural
toast toasts

Toast as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I ate a delicious slice of toast for breakfast.
  2. Can you pass me the butter for my toast?
  3. The smell of freshly baked toast filled the kitchen.
  4. I prefer my toast to be lightly toasted.
  5. She spread a thin layer of jam on her toast.
  6. The waiter brought me a plate of burnt toast.
  7. He raised his glass and proposed a toast.
  8. My sister always eats her toast with avocado.
  9. The warm toast melted the butter quickly.
  10. The chef prepared a gourmet-style French toast.

Toast as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The waiter brought us several plates of toasts.
  2. Can you put the toasts in the toaster?
  3. We enjoyed a variety of delicious toasts at the brunch.
  4. They served different types of topping for the toasts.
  5. The restaurant offers a selection of artisanal toasts.
  6. She ordered two slices of garlic-infused toasts.
  7. We raised our glasses for multiple toasts.
  8. The chef prepared an assortment of fancy toasts.
  9. They offered a buffet with various types of toasts.
  10. The caterers served bite-sized toasts with different spreads.

Singular Possessive of Toast

The singular possessive form of “Toast” is “Toast’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Toast:

  1. The aroma of the toast’s butter spread through the kitchen.
  2. The crispness of the toast’s edges delighted breakfast lovers.
  3. The warmth of the toast’s surface melted the butter.
  4. The color of the toast’s golden crust was inviting.
  5. The flavor of the toast’s toppings complemented each other.
  6. The chef perfected the toast’s preparation technique.
  7. The diner savored the toast’s combination of textures.
  8. The simplicity of the toast’s ingredients highlighted its taste.
  9. The crunchiness of the toast’s bite was satisfying.
  10. The presentation of the toast’s garnish added visual appeal.

Plural Possessive of Toast

The plural possessive form of “Toast” is “Toasts'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Toast:

  1. All of the toasts’ crusts were perfectly toasted.
  2. The variety of the toasts’ toppings catered to different preferences.
  3. The restaurant offered a selection of the toasts’ spreads.
  4. The diners enjoyed the diversity of the toasts’ flavors.
  5. The brunch menu featured the toasts’ creative combinations.
  6. The cafĂ© specialized in serving artisan toasts’.
  7. The barista prepared the toasts’ with precision and care.
  8. The guests indulged in the toasts’ delectable textures.
  9. The bakers experimented with unique recipes for the toasts’.
  10. The menu showcased the toasts’ culinary creativity.

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