Toe Plural, What is the Plural of Toe?

Meaning: five fingers at the end of the human foot.

Singular and Plural of Toe

Singular Plural
toe toes

Toe as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I stubbed my toe on the chair leg.
  2. She painted her toenails a bright red.
  3. He broke his big toe while playing soccer.
  4. The doctor examined her injured toe.
  5. I wear a size seven toe shoe.
  6. The sand felt warm between my toes.
  7. She wiggled her toes in the sand.
  8. I felt a sharp pain in my toe.
  9. He got a blister on his toe from hiking.
  10. Her toe ring sparkled in the sunlight.

Toe as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She wore sandals that showed off her painted toes.
  2. The soccer team’s goalkeeper injured his toes.
  3. The doctor examined his injured toes one by one.
  4. They dipped their toes into the cold water.
  5. The dancer pointed her toes gracefully.
  6. He wiggled his toes to warm them up.
  7. She painted each of her toes a different color.
  8. The hiker’s boots protected his toes from the rocks.
  9. The children giggled as they touched the frog’s slimy toes.
  10. The athlete wrapped her sprained toes with bandages.

Singular Possessive of Toe

The singular possessive form of “Toe” is “Toe’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Toe:

  1. The pain in the toe’s joint made walking difficult.
  2. The flexibility of the toe’s ligaments allowed for balance.
  3. The nail on the toe’s required trimming and care.
  4. The athlete protected the toe’s from injury during the game.
  5. The shoe supported the arch of the toe’s for comfort.
  6. The podiatrist examined the condition of the toe’s bones.
  7. The dancer pointed the toe’s gracefully during the performance.
  8. The hiker felt a blister forming on the toe’s skin.
  9. The reflexology therapist applied pressure to the toe’s pressure points.
  10. The doctor recommended exercises to strengthen the toe’s muscles.

Plural Possessive of Toe

The plural possessive form of “Toe” is “Toes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Toe:

  1. All of the toes’ joints moved in synchrony.
  2. The sandals provided ample space for the toes’ movement.
  3. The socks protected the toes’ from cold temperatures.
  4. The pedicurist painted the toes’ nails with vibrant colors.
  5. The athlete’s shoes accommodated the toes’ range of motion.
  6. The yoga instructor emphasized the alignment of the toes’ during poses.
  7. The masseuse massaged the toes’ pressure points for relaxation.
  8. The dancer’s routine showcased the elegance of the toes’ movements.
  9. The doctor examined the condition of the toes’ circulation.
  10. The hiker’s boots prevented blisters on the toes’ skin.

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