Congress Plural, What is the Plural of Congress?

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Meaning: a formal meeting or series of meetings for discussion between delegate.

Plural of CONGRESS

Singular Plural
Congress Congresses


  • assembly
  • association
  • caucus
  • conference
  • convention
  • chamber
  • club
  • committee
  • conclave

Congress as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The senator addressed the congress on the importance of healthcare reform.
  2. The president delivered a speech to the joint session of congress.
  3. The legislation passed through congress with overwhelming support.
  4. The speaker of the congress called the meeting to order.
  5. The committee held hearings to gather information for congress.
  6. The representative presented a bill to the congress for consideration.
  7. The president’s proposed budget was under review by congress.
  8. The senator chaired the session of the congress and maintained order.
  9. The members of congress debated the merits of the proposed law.
  10. The congress convened to discuss economic policies and job creation.

Congress as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The congresses from different countries gathered to discuss global issues.
  2. The international congresses provided a platform for scientific exchange.
  3. The conference hosted multiple concurrent congresses on various topics.
  4. The professors attended academic congresses to present their research.
  5. The medical professionals shared their findings at different congresses.
  6. The organization coordinated several regional congresses throughout the year.
  7. The members of the party held regular congresses to discuss party policies.
  8. The scholars presented their papers at prestigious international congresses.
  9. The congresses offered opportunities for networking and collaboration.
  10. The professional association organized annual congresses for its members.

Singular Possessive of Congress

The singular possessive form of “Congress” is “Congress’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Congress:

  1. The bill’s impact on Congress’s decision was significant.
  2. The president addressed Congress’s concerns during the speech.
  3. The committee examined Congress’s role in policy-making.
  4. The journalist reported on Congress’s legislative session.
  5. The senator voiced his opinion on Congress’s actions.
  6. The research presented at Congress’s hearing influenced the discussion.
  7. The speaker acknowledged Congress’s role in shaping the nation.
  8. The lobbyist advocated for Congress’s attention to the issue.
  9. The representative introduced a bill to Congress’s consideration.
  10. The public closely followed Congress’s debates and decisions.

Plural Possessive of Congress

The plural possessive form of “Congress” is “Congresses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Congress:

  1. The various congresses’ policies shaped the nation’s history.
  2. The countries’ congresses’ collaboration strengthened diplomatic ties.
  3. The scholars analyzed the congresses’ legislative agendas.
  4. The conference highlighted different congresses’ approaches to governance.
  5. The historians studied the impact of different congresses’ decisions.
  6. The diplomats attended international congresses’ to address global challenges.
  7. The researchers compared the outcomes of multiple congresses’ meetings.
  8. The students researched the role of past congresses’ in shaping society.
  9. The journalists covered the debates and discussions at different congresses’.
  10. The political scientists analyzed the effectiveness of various congresses’ actions.

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