Thrombus Plural, What is the Plural of Thrombus?

Meaning: a blood clot formed in situ

Singular and Plural of Thrombus

Singular Plural
thrombus thrombi

Thrombus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Thrombus obstructs blood flow in the arteries.
  2. The doctor discovered a thrombus in his leg.
  3. A small thrombus formed in the blood vessel.
  4. The patient experienced pain due to a thrombus.
  5. The surgeon successfully removed the thrombus from the heart.
  6. A thrombus can cause a heart attack or stroke.
  7. The clotting factors contributed to the formation of a thrombus.
  8. He was diagnosed with a pulmonary thrombus.
  9. The medication helped dissolve the thrombus in the vein.
  10. The patient’s symptoms improved after the removal of the thrombus.

Thrombus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Thrombi can be dangerous if left untreated.
  2. The surgeon removed multiple thrombi from his lungs.
  3. The presence of thrombi indicated a clotting disorder.
  4. Thrombi in the arteries can lead to tissue damage.
  5. The ultrasound revealed several blood vessel thrombi.
  6. The patient required surgery to remove the multiple thrombi.
  7. The doctors administered anticoagulants to prevent new thrombi.
  8. The CT scan confirmed the presence of pulmonary thrombi.
  9. Multiple blood clots formed and became thrombi.
  10. The patient’s condition worsened due to the multiple thrombi.

Singular Possessive of Thrombus

The singular possessive form of “Thrombus” is “Thrombus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Thrombus:

  1. The doctor explained the Thrombus’s location and potential risks.
  2. The Thrombus’s formation in the blood vessel caused the blockage.
  3. The patient’s condition worsened due to the Thrombus’s growth.
  4. The surgeon successfully removed the Thrombus’s using a catheter.
  5. The ultrasound revealed the Thrombus’s size and position.
  6. The medication aimed to prevent the Thrombus’s further enlargement.
  7. The nurse monitored the Thrombus’s response to the treatment.
  8. The patient’s recovery depended on the Thrombus’s dissolution.
  9. The blood thinner reduced the Thrombus’s risk of causing complications.
  10. The doctor emphasized the importance of early detection of a Thrombus’s.

Plural Possessive of Thrombus

The plural possessive form of “Thrombus” is “Thrombi’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Thrombus:

  1. The CT scan revealed multiple Thrombi’s in the patient’s lungs.
  2. The surgeon addressed the Thrombi’s in the patient’s arteries.
  3. The treatment focused on preventing new Thrombi’s from forming.
  4. The Thrombi’s location required careful navigation during the procedure.
  5. The anticoagulants aimed to dissolve the existing Thrombi’s.
  6. The ultrasound detected the presence of Thrombi’s in the veins.
  7. The patient’s recovery depended on the resolution of the Thrombi’s.
  8. The doctor monitored the Thrombi’s response to the medication.
  9. The surgery aimed to remove the obstructing Thrombi’s from the blood vessels.
  10. The specialists conducted research on preventing recurrent Thrombi’s.

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