Tibia Plural, What is the Plural of Tibia?

Meaning: between the knee and the ankle, the inner and usually larger of the two bones

Singular and Plural of Tibia

Singular Plural
tibia tibiae.

Tibia as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The tibia is the main bone in the lower leg.
  2. He fractured his tibia while playing soccer.
  3. The doctor examined her injured tibia carefully.
  4. The runner felt a sharp pain in his tibia.
  5. She underwent surgery to repair her broken tibia.
  6. The X-ray revealed a hairline fracture in the tibia.
  7. The athlete wore a protective brace on her tibia.
  8. The injured hiker had a deep cut on his tibia.
  9. The doctor advised him to rest his injured tibia.
  10. The nurse applied a cast to support the fractured tibia.

Tibia as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The archaeologists discovered ancient tibiae in the excavation site.
  2. They found several well-preserved animal tibiae during the dig.
  3. The museum displayed a collection of fossilized dinosaur tibiae.
  4. The paleontologist carefully studied the dinosaur tibiae for research.
  5. The scientist compared the lengths of the bird tibiae in her study.
  6. The zookeeper examined the lions’ powerful tibiae during the check-up.
  7. The anatomy textbook had detailed illustrations of human tibiae.
  8. The researcher measured the dinosaur tibiae to determine their size.
  9. The bone specialist analyzed the fossilized animal tibiae for clues.
  10. The museum curator displayed the ancient Roman soldiers’ tibiae.

Singular Possessive of Tibia

The singular possessive form of “Tibia” is “Tibia’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tibia:

  1. The X-ray showed a fracture in the Tibia’s.
  2. The athlete’s injury affected the Tibia’s strength and stability.
  3. The surgeon examined the Tibia’s alignment before proceeding with the surgery.
  4. The doctor explained the importance of immobilizing the Tibia’s for proper healing.
  5. The patient experienced sharp pain in the Tibia’s upon weight-bearing.
  6. The physical therapist focused on rehabilitating the Tibia’s range of motion.
  7. The orthopedic specialist analyzed the X-rays to assess the Tibia’s condition.
  8. The athlete’s recovery required careful monitoring of the Tibia’s progress.
  9. The cast protected the Tibia’s while it mended.
  10. The nurse documented the Tibia’s healing process in the medical records.

Plural Possessive of Tibia

The plural possessive form of “Tibia” is “Tibiae’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tibia:

  1. The archaeologists discovered ancient Tibiae’s in the excavation site.
  2. The museum displayed a collection of animal Tibiae’s.
  3. The anatomy textbook highlighted the structure and function of different Tibiae’s.
  4. The research focused on studying the variations in various species’ Tibiae’s.
  5. The paleontologists examined fossilized Tibiae’s to understand ancient creatures’ locomotion.
  6. The comparative anatomy study compared the Tibiae’s of different mammals.
  7. The scientist analyzed the Tibiae’s to determine the age of the skeletal remains.
  8. The veterinarian studied the X-rays of the Tibiae’s for diagnosing fractures in animals.
  9. The evolutionary biologist investigated the development of Tibiae’s across species.
  10. The museum’s exhibit showcased the diversity of bird Tibiae’s.

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