Some Plural, What is the Plural of Some?

Meaning: an unspecified amount or number of

Plural of Some

Singular Plural
some some

 Synonyms of Some

  • sprinkling
  • spattering
  • some
  • smattering
  • small number
  • scattering
  • few

Some as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I’ll have a some of that delicious cake, please.
  2. She offered me a small some of her coffee.
  3. Can I have some of your time to discuss an important matter?
  4. I’ll take some of the blueberries from the basket.
  5. Could you spare some of your knowledge on this topic?
  6. She gave me a warm some of her soup when I was sick.
  7. I need some of your expertise to solve this problem.
  8. The waiter brought us a refreshing some of ice-cold water.
  9. Could you pass me some of those napkins, please?
  10. I added some of the spices to enhance the flavor of the dish.

Some as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I picked up some of the books that were on sale.
  2. Can I have some of the cookies you baked?
  3. The store had a great selection of fruits, so I bought some.
  4. We gathered some of the fallen leaves for an art project.
  5. She shared some of her experiences from her travels.
  6. The supermarket offered discounts on some of their products.
  7. I bought some of the fresh flowers from the market.
  8. Could you bring me some of the chairs from the storage room?
  9. They brought back some of the souvenirs from their trip.
  10. I’ll take some of the vegetables from the garden for dinner.

Singular Possessive of Some

The singular possessive form of “Some” is “Some’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Some:

  1. I admire Some’s creativity and originality.
  2. We should appreciate Some’s efforts in this project.
  3. Some’s perspective offers a fresh insight.
  4. The success of the campaign relies on Some’s ideas.
  5. Some’s contributions have made a significant impact.
  6. We need to acknowledge Some’s hard work and dedication.
  7. Some’s talent shines in every aspect of their work.
  8. The team values Some’s unique approach to problem-solving.
  9. We can learn a lot from Some’s innovative thinking.
  10. Some’s influence reaches far beyond their immediate circle.

Plural Possessive of Some

The plural possessive form of “Some” is “Some’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Some:

  1. We need to consider some’s opinions on this matter.
  2. Some’s ideas have sparked a lively debate.
  3. The diverse perspectives of some’s enrich the discussion.
  4. The team appreciated some’s contributions to the project.
  5. The organization values some’s unique perspectives.
  6. We should respect some’s expertise in their respective fields.
  7. Some’s voices are essential in shaping our decisions.
  8. The committee gathered some’s feedback and suggestions.
  9. The group consensus reflected the majority of some’s opinions.
  10. Some’s presence in the meeting made a positive impact.

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