Papyrus Plural, What is the Plural of Papyrus?

Meaning: a material prepared in ancient Egypt

Plural of Papyrus

Singular Plural
papyrus papyruses

Papyrus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The ancient scroll was made of fragile papyrus.
  2. The museum exhibited an authentic piece of Egyptian papyrus.
  3. The archaeologist carefully handled the delicate papyrus
  4. The historian studied the ancient text written on papyrus.
  5. The scribe transcribed important documents onto papyrus
  6. The curator displayed the collection of papyrus in glass cases.
  7. The scholar translated the hieroglyphics on the damaged papyrus.
  8. The library preserved a rare and valuable piece of Greek papyrus.
  9. The artist used ink and brush to create intricate illustrations on papyrus.
  10. The bookworm eagerly read about the history of papyrus in ancient civilizations.

Papyrus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The museum had a collection of ancient Egyptian papyri.
  2. The archaeologists discovered multiple papyri in the excavation site.
  3. The researchers analyzed the content of the newly found papyri.
  4. The historians studied the inscriptions on the Greek papyri.
  5. The scholars debated the translations of the ancient papyri.
  6. The library possessed a vast archive of literary papyri.
  7. The team of experts examined the fragments of the damaged papyri.
  8. The linguists decoded the hieroglyphics on the Egyptian papyri.
  9. The curators displayed the beautifully preserved papyri in glass cases.
  10. The collectors sought after rare and well-preserved papyri.

Singular Possessive of Papyrus

The singular possessive form of “Papyrus” is “Papyrus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Papyrus:

  1. The texture of Papyrus’s surface is unique.
  2. Papyrus’s history dates back centuries.
  3. The color of Papyrus’s fibers adds character.
  4. Papyrus’s fragility requires careful handling.
  5. The craftsmanship of Papyrus’s artwork is impressive.
  6. Papyrus’s use as a writing medium is ancient.
  7. The size of Papyrus’s sheets can vary.
  8. Papyrus’s edges should be preserved to maintain authenticity.
  9. The smell of Papyrus’s aged paper is distinct.
  10. Papyrus’s preservation is crucial for historical documents.

Plural Possessive of Papyrus

The plural possessive form of “Papyrus” is “Papyri’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Papyrus:

  1. The variety of textures among the papyri’s surfaces is fascinating.
  2. Papyri’s historical significance spans across civilizations.
  3. The colors of the ink on the papyri’s pages have aged beautifully.
  4. Papyri’s fragility requires delicate conservation efforts.
  5. The calligraphy on the papyri’s surface showcases skilled craftsmanship.
  6. Papyri’s role as a communication medium in ancient times is noteworthy.
  7. The sizes of the papyri’s scrolls vary based on content.
  8. Papyri’s edges should be handled with care to prevent damage.
  9. The scent of aged ink on the papyri’s parchment evokes history.
  10. Papyri’s preservation is crucial for understanding the past.

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