Stenosis Plural, What is the Plural of Stenosis?

Meaning: abnormal narrowing of a passage in body

Plural of Stenosis

Singular Plural
stenosis stenoses

 Synonyms of Stenosis

  • narrowing
  • impediment
  • cramp
  • contraction
  • constraint
  • compression
  • choking
  • binding

Stenosis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The patient was diagnosed with spinal stenosis.
  2. The medical condition causes the stenosis of blood vessels.
  3. The narrowing of the artery is called stenosis.
  4. The doctor recommended surgery to alleviate the stenosis.
  5. The MRI scan revealed the presence of stenosis in the patient’s joints.
  6. The treatment plan aimed to manage the stenosis
  7. The physical therapist designed exercises to improve the range of motion in the affected stenosis.
  8. The cardiologist monitored the stenosis of the patient’s heart valves.
  9. The condition caused the stenosis of the digestive tract.
  10. The radiologist identified the presence of stenosis in the patient’s arteries.

Stenosis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The patients suffered from different types of stenoses.
  2. The medical team treated various cases of stenoses.
  3. The ultrasound scan detected multiple stenoses in the patient’s kidneys.
  4. The surgery successfully addressed the stenoses in the patient’s arteries.
  5. The condition required intervention to alleviate the stenoses.
  6. The doctors specialized in diagnosing and treating different stenoses.
  7. The rehabilitation program focused on managing the symptoms of spinal stenoses.
  8. The report highlighted the prevalence of stenoses in the population.
  9. The medical research aimed to develop new treatments for vascular stenoses.
  10. The treatment plan targeted the specific stenoses identified in the patient’s airways.

Singular Possessive of Stenosis

The singular possessive form of “Stenosis” is “Stenosis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Stenosis:

  1. The patient’s stenosis’s severity required immediate treatment.
  2. The doctor explained the stenosis’s impact on breathing.
  3. The surgical procedure aimed to alleviate the stenosis’s symptoms.
  4. The diagnostic tests confirmed the stenosis’s presence.
  5. The genetic predisposition influenced the stenosis’s development.
  6. The specialist monitored the stenosis’s progression over time.
  7. The rehabilitation program targeted the stenosis’s mobility limitations.
  8. The chronic condition affected the stenosis’s quality of life.
  9. The physical therapist designed exercises to manage the stenosis’s pain.
  10. The radiologist reviewed the imaging results to evaluate the stenosis’s extent.

Plural Possessive of Stenosis

The plural possessive form of “Stenosis” is “Stenoses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Stenosis:

  1. The patients’ stenoses’ treatments varied depending on severity.
  2. The doctors compared the different stenoses’ characteristics.
  3. The medical researchers studied the underlying causes of stenoses’.
  4. The surgeons performed interventions on multiple stenoses’ simultaneously.
  5. The imaging tests revealed the extent of the stenoses’ blockage.
  6. The treatments targeted the stenoses’ root causes.
  7. The physical therapists focused on improving the stenoses’ range of motion.
  8. The support group provided comfort and advice for managing stenoses’ challenges.
  9. The medical literature discussed the outcomes of various stenoses’ treatments.
  10. The patients’ stenoses’ symptoms were alleviated with medication.

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