Industry Plural, What is the plural of Industry?

Meaning: economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials.

Plural of Industry

Singular Plural
Industry Industries

Industry as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The industry is experiencing rapid technological advancements.
  2. She works in the fashion industry as a designer.
  3. The film industry generates billions of dollars annually.
  4. He has extensive knowledge of the automotive industry.
  5. The pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role in healthcare.
  6. The tech industry is constantly evolving and innovating.
  7. The tourism industry is a major source of revenue for the country.
  8. The manufacturing industry is facing challenges due to supply chain disruptions.
  9. The hospitality industry has been severely impacted by the pandemic.
  10. The entertainment industry offers various career opportunities.

Industry as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The industries in this region are primarily focused on agriculture.
  2. They invested in different industries to diversify their portfolio.
  3. The emerging industries are driving economic growth in the city.
  4. These two industries have merged to create a powerful conglomerate.
  5. The government is supporting small-scale industries through incentives.
  6. The export-oriented industries contribute significantly to the national economy.
  7. The tech and healthcare industries are witnessing rapid expansion.
  8. The automotive and aerospace industries share many common technologies.
  9. The creative and media industries offer a wide range of career options.
  10. The manufacturing and construction industries are interlinked in many ways.

Singular Possessive of Industry

The singular possessive form of “Industry” is “Industry’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Industry:

  1. The company’s success influenced the industry’s direction.
  2. The report analyzed the industry’s growth prospects.
  3. The CEO’s decisions impacted the industry’s performance.
  4. The economist discussed the industry’s current trends.
  5. The government implemented policies to support the industry’s development.
  6. The competition intensified within the industry’s market.
  7. The conference focused on the industry’s challenges and opportunities.
  8. The article examined the industry’s impact on the environment.
  9. The entrepreneur aimed to disrupt the industry’s traditional models.
  10. The analyst predicted changes in the industry’s competitive landscape.

Plural Possessive of Industry

The plural possessive form of “Industry” is “Industries'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Industry:

  1. The companies’ successes influenced their respective industries’ directions.
  2. The reports analyzed the industries’ growth prospects.
  3. The CEOs’ decisions impacted the industries’ performances.
  4. The economists discussed the industries’ current trends.
  5. The governments implemented policies to support the industries’ development.
  6. The competitions intensified within the industries’ markets.
  7. The conferences focused on the industries’ challenges and opportunities.
  8. The articles examined the industries’ impacts on the environment.
  9. The entrepreneurs aimed to disrupt multiple industries’ traditional models.
  10. The analysts predicted changes in the industries’ competitive landscapes.

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