Rally Plural, What is the Plural of Rally?

Meaning: come together again to compete

Singular and Plural of Rally

Singular Plural
rally rallies

Rally as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The political rally drew a large crowd.
  2. The athletes participated in a spirited rally.
  3. The workers organized a protest rally.
  4. The leader addressed the supporters at the rally.
  5. The environmental activists staged a peaceful rally.
  6. The fans cheered loudly at the sports rally.
  7. The team captain motivated the players at the rally.
  8. The students joined a school spirit rally.

Rally as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The political rallies attracted supporters from all over.
  2. The athletes participated in multiple rallies.
  3. The workers organized several protest rallies.
  4. The leaders addressed their followers at the rallies.
  5. The environmental activists held peaceful rallies nationwide.
  6. The fans attended various sports rallies.
  7. The team captains motivated their players at the rallies.
  8. The students joined multiple school spirit rallies.

Singular Possessive of Rally 

The singular possessive form of “Rally” is “Rally’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Rally:

  1. The success of the rally’s message inspired the crowd.
  2. Rally’s impact on public opinion was significant.
  3. The speaker’s words motivated the rally’s participants.
  4. The energy of the rally’s attendees was contagious.
  5. The focus of the rally’s organizers was on social justice.
  6. Rally’s purpose was to raise awareness about climate change.
  7. The rally’s location was announced on social media.
  8. The schedule for the rally’s events was packed.
  9. I attended the rally’s opening ceremony.
  10. The atmosphere of the rally’s protest was peaceful.

Plural Possessive of Rally 

The plural possessive form of “Rally” is “Rallies'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Rally:

  1. The organizers prepared the rallies’ logistics in advance.
  2. The impact of the rallies’ messages spread across the country.
  3. People’s participation in the rallies’ increased over time.
  4. The themes of the rallies’ varied from social to political issues.
  5. The media covered the rallies’ impact on public opinion.
  6. The speeches delivered at the rallies’ sparked discussions.
  7. The posters created for the rallies’ were eye-catching.
  8. The momentum of the rallies’ continued to grow.
  9. I attended multiple rallies’ throughout the year.
  10. The unity among the rallies’ attendees was inspiring.

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