Genus Plural, What is the plural of Genus?

Meaning; a principal taxonomic category that ranks above species and below family.

Singular and Plural of Genus


Genus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The genus of this flower is Rosa.
  2. Can you identify the genus of this bird?
  3. The scientist classified the genus as Homo.
  4. The zoologist discovered a new genus of fish.
  5. The paleontologist studied the fossilized genus.
  6. The botanist is researching a rare genus of orchids.
  7. The field guide lists the genus of all the plants.
  8. The student wrote a report on the genus Canis.
  9. The researcher is studying the evolutionary history of a particular genus.
  10. The museum exhibit showcases various examples of the genus.

Genus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. There are many different genera of insects.
  2. The biologist studied the behavior of several genera.
  3. The park is home to diverse genera of trees.
  4. The artist drew illustrations of different genera of animals.
  5. The professor discussed the classification of various genera.
  6. The expedition discovered several new genera of marine life.
  7. The student compared the characteristics of different genera.
  8. The research paper focused on the evolution of specific genera.
  9. The naturalist cataloged the different genera of butterflies.
  10. The museum exhibit displayed a wide range of genera.

Singular Possessive of Genus

The singular possessive form of “Genus” is “Genus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Genus:

  1. The biologist classified Genus’s species.
  2. The scientist discovered a new Genus’s specimen.
  3. Genus’s classification is based on shared characteristics.
  4. The researchers studied Genus’s evolutionary history.
  5. The book discussed Genus’s habitats and adaptations.
  6. The geneticist analyzed Genus’s DNA sequence.
  7. The conservationist protected Genus’s endangered species.
  8. The botanist identified Genus’s plant species.
  9. Genus’s behavior varies across different environments.
  10. The zoologist researched Genus’s mating patterns.

Plural Possessive of Genus

The plural possessive form of “Genus” is “Genera’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Genus:

  1. The scientists studied the diversity of Genera’s species.
  2. The researchers explored the evolutionary relationships among Genera’s.
  3. Genera’s distributions cover various regions of the world.
  4. The ecologists analyzed the ecological roles of Genera’s.
  5. The taxonomists classified the organisms into different Genera’s.
  6. The geneticists sequenced the genomes of multiple Genera’s.
  7. The botanists examined the reproductive structures of Genera’s.
  8. The zoologists observed the behavior of animals across different Genera’s.
  9. Genera’s adaptations are shaped by natural selection.
  10. The paleontologists discovered fossils from different Genera’s.

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