Ice Plural, What is the plural of Ice?

Meaning: a large wading bird with a long downcurved bill, long neck, and long legs.

Plural of Ice


Ice as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The glass of water had a cube of ice.
  2. She slipped on a patch of slippery ice.
  3. The cold ice numbed his fingers.
  4. He put some crushed ice in the blender.
  5. The hockey players glided across the smooth ice.
  6. The melting ice formed a small puddle on the floor.
  7. The bartender added some ice to the cocktail shaker.
  8. The arctic landscape was covered in a thick layer of ice.
  9. The skater gracefully performed jumps and spins on the frozen ice.
  10. The scientist studied the formation of ice crystals under different conditions.

Ice as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The climbers used crampons to ascend the treacherous ice.
  2. They enjoyed their drinks with plenty of ice
  3. The polar explorers crossed vast expanses of treacherous ice.
  4. The Eskimos built their homes using blocks of compacted ice.
  5. The freezer was filled with bags of crushed ice.
  6. The ice skaters practiced their routines on the smooth ice
  7. They used ice picks to navigate through the jagged ice.
  8. The mountain climbers carved steps in the icy slope with their ice
  9. The scientist studied the effects of climate change on polar ice.
  10. The hockey players maneuvered the puck on the slippery ice.

Singular Possessive of Ice

The singular possessive form of “Ice” is “Ice’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ice:

  1. We admired the beauty of Ice’s formation.
  2. Ice’s coldness numbed my fingers.
  3. The weight of Ice’s layer caused the branch to break.
  4. Ice’s transparency fascinated us.
  5. We were cautious of Ice’s slippery surface.
  6. The melting of Ice’s edges created a pool of water.
  7. Ice’s presence signaled the onset of winter.
  8. The weight of Ice’s accumulation damaged the roof.
  9. Ice’s crystalline structure reflected the sunlight.
  10. We enjoyed the sound of Ice’s crackling under our feet.

Plural Possessive of Ice

The plural possessive form of “Ice” is “Ices'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ice:

  1. We marveled at the beauty of the ices’ formations.
  2. The temperatures caused the ices’ surfaces to melt.
  3. We had to be careful while walking on the ices’ slippery surfaces.
  4. The weight of the ices’ layers cracked the lake’s surface.
  5. We studied the ices’ formations under a microscope.
  6. The ices’ presence signaled the arrival of winter.
  7. We skated on the frozen ices’ surfaces.
  8. The ices’ transparency allowed us to see the underwater world.
  9. We observed the ices’ intricate patterns.
  10. The weight of the accumulated ices’ caused the tree branches to bend.

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