Synopsis Plural, What is the Plural of Synopsis?

Meaning: general survey of something

Plural of Synopsis


 Synonyms of Synopsis

  • summing-up
  • summary
  • summarization
  • rundown
  • round-up
  • review
  • résumé
  • precis
  • outline
  • digest
  • condensation
  • abstract

Synopsis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The movie synopsis provides a brief overview of the plot.
  2. The book synopsis offers a concise summary of the story.
  3. The student wrote a detailed synopsis of the research paper.
  4. The presenter provided a compelling synopsis of the lecture.
  5. The executive summarized the project in a one-page synopsis.
  6. The synopsis highlighted the main findings of the study.
  7. The editor requested a revised synopsis for the book proposal.
  8. The website includes a short synopsis of each article.
  9. The film festival requires a written synopsis for submissions.
  10. The professor asked the students to write a synopsis of the assigned reading.

Synopsis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The film festival showcases diverse movie synopses.
  2. The publishers received numerous book synopses for consideration.
  3. The research conference featured multiple paper synopses.
  4. The website provides concise synopses of the latest news articles.
  5. The students presented their project synopses to the class.
  6. The filmmaker submitted several documentary synopses.
  7. The literary agent reviewed the manuscript synopses from aspiring authors.
  8. The writers’ workshop focused on crafting compelling story synopses.
  9. The website offers brief synopses of popular TV shows.
  10. The conference program included abstracts and synopses of the presentations.

Singular Possessive of Synopsis:

The singular possessive form of “Synopsis” is “Synopsis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Synopsis:

  1. The synopsis’s summary captured the main plot points.
  2. The publisher reviewed the synopsis’s structure and content.
  3. The movie producer evaluated the synopsis’s marketability.
  4. The writer revised the synopsis’s opening paragraph.
  5. The agent requested the author to provide the synopsis’s ending.
  6. The editor condensed the book’s plot into the synopsis’s highlights.
  7. The reader skimmed through the synopsis’s key elements.
  8. The filmmaker created a trailer based on the synopsis’s intriguing premise.
  9. The competition judged the contestants’ synopsis’s originality.
  10. The professor assigned a grade based on the student’s synopsis’s analysis.

Plural Possessive of Synopsis:

The plural possessive form of “Synopsis” is “Synopses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Synopsis:

  1. The synopses’ summaries provided different perspectives on the topic.
  2. The literary magazine published various authors’ synopses’.
  3. The reviewers compared the books’ synopses’ approaches.
  4. The website featured the films’ synopses’ ratings and reviews.
  5. The students analyzed multiple novels’ synopses’ themes.
  6. The conference attendees discussed the papers’ synopses’ insights.
  7. The library organized the novels’ synopses’ genres and categories.
  8. The film festival showcased international filmmakers’ synopses’ diversity.
  9. The publisher evaluated the manuscripts’ synopses’ market potential.
  10. The anthology included the poets’ synopses’ biographical information.

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