Quiz Plural, What is the Plural of Quiz?

Meaning: a test of knowledge

Singular and Plural of Quiz

Singular Plural
quiz Quizzes

Quiz as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I need to study for the upcoming history quiz.
  2. The teacher gave us a surprise pop quiz.
  3. The math quiz consisted of challenging problem-solving questions.
  4. She scored the highest in the class on the chemistry quiz.
  5. The online platform allows you to create interactive quizzes.
  6. The weekly vocabulary quiz helped improve our language skills.
  7. The quiz covered a wide range of topics from the textbook.
  8. The students anxiously awaited the start of the music quiz.
  9. The professor announced a makeup quiz for the absent students.
  10. The geography quiz tested our knowledge of world capitals.

Quiz as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The students completed the online quizzes on the course website.
  2. The teacher graded the written quizzes promptly.
  3. The website offers a variety of educational interactive quizzes.
  4. They organized a series of challenging trivia quizzes for the competition.
  5. The students reviewed their answers after completing the quizzes.
  6. The online learning platform features engaging multiple-choice quizzes.
  7. The students eagerly competed in the science and math quizzes.
  8. The final grade includes the scores from all the quizzes.
  9. The educational app offers a wide range of subject-specific quizzes.
  10. The participants enjoyed participating in the online trivia quizzes.

Singular Possessive of Quiz 

The singular possessive form of “Quiz” is “Quiz’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Quiz:

  1. I completed Quiz’s challenging questions in record time.
  2. They announced Quiz’s winner at the end of the competition.
  3. We reviewed Quiz’s answers to understand the concepts better.
  4. The teacher explained Quiz’s purpose and objectives.
  5. The app recorded Quiz’s scores for each participant.
  6. They discussed Quiz’s difficulty level during the study group.
  7. I studied Quiz’s format to prepare for the exam.
  8. The website featured Quiz’s interactive interface for engagement.
  9. We analyzed Quiz’s results to identify areas of improvement.
  10. The magazine published Quiz’s thought-provoking questions.

Plural Possessive of Quiz 

The plural possessive form of “Quiz” is “Quizzes'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Quiz:

  1. The students discussed the quizzes’ challenging topics.
  2. They compared the quizzes’ scores to measure their progress.
  3. We completed all of the quizzes’ sections before the deadline.
  4. The competition evaluated the quizzes’ accuracy and speed.
  5. The website offered a collection of educational quizzes’ resources.
  6. I reviewed the answers for all of the quizzes’ questions.
  7. They celebrated the winners of the quizzes’ different categories.
  8. The platform allowed teachers to create and assign quizzes’ easily.
  9. We challenged each other’s knowledge with the quizzes’ tricky questions.
  10. The company organized a trivia night with various quizzes’ themes.

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