Syllable Plural, What is the Plural of Syllable?

Meaning: a unit of pronunciation having one vowel sound

Plural of Syllable

Singular Plural
syllable syllables

 Synonyms of Syllable

  • phone
  • liquid
  • implosive
  • fricative
  • diphthong
  • consonant
  • click
  • affricate

Syllable as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The word “apple” has two syllables.
  2. English words can have varying syllables.
  3. Can you count the syllables in this phrase?
  4. She struggled with pronouncing complex syllables.
  5. The teacher taught us about stressed syllables.
  6. The poem had a beautiful rhythm of syllables.
  7. The word “elephant” has three syllables.
  8. They practiced breaking words into syllables.
  9. The language has specific rules for dividing syllables.
  10. The haiku consists of three short syllables.

Syllable as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The composer emphasized the melodic syllables.
  2. The singer effortlessly handled the challenging syllables.
  3. The choir harmonized the different syllables.
  4. The language has specific rules for stressed syllables.
  5. The poet used rhyming syllables in the verses.
  6. The students practiced pronouncing the foreign syllables.
  7. The rap artist played with rhythmic syllables.
  8. The singer’s voice soared through the high-pitched syllables.
  9. The toddler started babbling with single syllables.
  10. The linguist studied the tonal variations of the spoken syllables.

Singular Possessive of Syllable

The singular possessive form of “Syllable” is “Syllable’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Syllable

  1. The stress was on the Syllable’s first letter.
  2. The pronunciation affected the Syllable’s meaning.
  3. Syllable’s structure determined the word’s rhythm.
  4. The poet emphasized the Syllable’s sound.
  5. The linguist analyzed the Syllable’s components.
  6. Syllable’s length determined the word’s pacing.
  7. The singer elongated the Syllable’s vowel.
  8. The teacher explained the Syllable’s importance.
  9. The accent fell on the Syllable’s second syllable.
  10. The word’s meaning changed with the stressed Syllable’s emphasis.

Plural Possessive of Syllable

The plural possessive form of “Syllable” is “Syllables'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Syllable

  1. The poem consisted of several Syllables’ combinations.
  2. The language had different Syllables’ patterns.
  3. Syllables’ placement affected the sentence’s flow.
  4. The linguists studied the variations in Syllables’ sounds.
  5. The poet played with the Syllables’ rhythms.
  6. Syllables’ meanings depended on the context.
  7. The teacher explained the rules for Syllables’ stress.
  8. The language learners practiced the Syllables’ pronunciation.
  9. The choir rehearsed the song’s Syllables’ sequence.
  10. The verse highlighted the beauty of the Syllables’ arrangements.

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