Lunch Plural, What is the Plural of Lunch?

Meaning of Lunch

The meaning of Lunch is a meal eaten in the middle of the day, typically one that is lighter or less formal than an evening meal.

Singular and Plural of Lunch, Lunches in English

Singular Plural
Lunch Lunches

Synonyms of Lunch

  • bite
  • break
  • canapés
  • chow
  • elevenses
  • food
  • goodies
  • grub
  • high tea
  • light meal
  • luncheon
  • midday meal
  • midnight snack
  • morsel
  • nosh
  • pickings
  • refreshment
  • refreshments
  • sandwich
  • snack
  • supper

Lunch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She packed a nutritious lunch for school.
  2. He enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the park.
  3. The restaurant served a delicious three-course lunch.
  4. The office workers gathered for a quick working lunch.
  5. She grabbed a sandwich for a quick on-the-go lunch.
  6. The cafeteria offered a variety of options for lunch.
  7. He brought leftovers from dinner for his lunch.
  8. The students sat together at the lunchroom for lunch.
  9. She looked forward to her favorite dish during lunch.
  10. The break room provided a comfortable space to enjoy lunch.

Lunch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They enjoyed daily lunches at the school cafeteria.
  2. The company provided catered lunches for the employees.
  3. She prepared healthy and delicious packed lunches for her kids.
  4. The restaurant offered affordable business lunches.
  5. They organized team-building lunches to foster camaraderie.
  6. The hotel served gourmet three-course lunches.
  7. The conference included complimentary buffet-style lunches.
  8. They met up for occasional group lunches to catch up.
  9. The café specialized in quick and tasty grab-and-go lunches.
  10. The school cafeteria provided hot and nutritious lunches.

Singular Possessive of Lunch

The singular possessive form of “Lunch” is “Lunch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Lunch:

  1. I forgot to pack Lunch’s dessert in the lunchbox.
  2. Lunch’s menu offers a variety of options.
  3. I enjoyed Lunch’s freshly made sandwich.
  4. The taste of Lunch’s salad dressing was amazing.
  5. Can you please pass me Lunch’s water bottle?
  6. The aroma of Lunch’s hot soup was enticing.
  7. Lunch’s main course was served with a side dish.
  8. We should respect Lunch’s designated eating area.
  9. The presentation of Lunch’s dish was impeccable.
  10. I appreciate Lunch’s prompt and efficient service.

Plural Possessive of Lunch

The plural possessive form of “Lunch” is “Lunches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Lunch:

  1. The students enjoyed their school lunches’ variety.
  2. We should label the lunches’ containers to avoid confusion.
  3. The taste of the lunches’ main courses differed.
  4. We shared the desserts from our lunches’ with each other.
  5. The students’ lunches’ contents were checked for allergens.
  6. The teachers supervised the students’ lunches’ cleanliness.
  7. We appreciated the efforts of the lunches’ caterers.
  8. The diversity of the lunches’ options pleased everyone.
  9. We should dispose of the lunches’ waste properly.
  10. The quality of the ingredients in the lunches’ was outstanding.

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