Campus Plural, What is the plural of Campus?

Meaning of Campus is

the grounds and buildings of a university or college.

Singular and Plural of Campus

Singular Plural
Campus Campuses

Campus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The student walked across the spacious university campus.
  2. The professor conducted research in the laboratory on campus.
  3. The cafeteria on campus serves a variety of delicious food.
  4. The library is a popular study spot on the college campus.
  5. The students gathered at the central plaza of the university campus.
  6. The campus offers state-of-the-art facilities for sports and recreation.
  7. The university organized a career fair on the main campus.
  8. The campus tour provided prospective students with a glimpse of college life.
  9. The college campus is known for its beautiful architecture.
  10. The student association hosts various events on the university campus.

Campus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The university has multiple campuses across the country.
  2. The students from different campuses competed in the sports tournament.
  3. The university expanded its network of international campuses.
  4. The college provides shuttle services between the main and satellite campuses.
  5. The libraries on the various campuses offer extensive resources.
  6. The students organized an inter-campus debate competition.
  7. The professors often collaborate with colleagues from other campuses.
  8. The university system includes several specialized campuses.
  9. The research findings were shared across the different campuses.
  10. The students celebrated their graduation together on the central campuses.

Singular Possessive of Campus

The singular possessive form of “Campus” is “Campus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Campus:

  1. The library on campus’s resources are extensive.
  2. The professor’s office is located on the campus’s east wing.
  3. The dean’s decision had a significant impact on the campus.
  4. The event held in the campus’s auditorium was a great success.
  5. The student organization’s meeting took place in the campus’s conference room.
  6. The cafeteria on campus offers a wide variety of food options.
  7. The maintenance crew takes care of the campus’s landscaping.
  8. The student’s identification card grants access to the campus facilities.
  9. The parking lot on campus is usually full during peak hours.
  10. The security team ensures the safety of the campus.

Plural Possessive of Campus

The plural possessive form of “Campus” is “Campuses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Campus:

  1. The universities’ campuses’ locations span across multiple cities.
  2. The colleges’ campuses’ facilities are equipped with modern technology.
  3. The professors’ offices are scattered across different campuses.
  4. The student organizations’ events are held on various campuses.
  5. The administrators’ decisions impact all the campuses within the system.
  6. The campuses’ libraries provide extensive resources for research.
  7. The students’ ID cards grant access to all the campuses in the university.
  8. The campuses’ sports teams compete in intercollegiate tournaments.
  9. The alumni of the different campuses often organize reunions.
  10. The campuses’ infrastructure is continuously upgraded for better facilities

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