Trophy Plural, What is the Plural of Trophy?

Meaning: decorative object awarded as a prize

Singular and Plural of Trophy

Singular Plural
trophy trophies

Trophy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He proudly displayed his sports trophy on the shelf.
  2. The winner received a shiny gold trophy as a prize.
  3. The athlete lifted the championship trophy in victory.
  4. The museum showcased a collection of ancient trophy
  5. She engraved her name on the base of the prestigious trophy.
  6. The school awarded the academic trophy to the top-performing student.
  7. The team captain proudly held the championship trophy
  8. The trophy case displayed a variety of sports trophy
  9. The sculptor crafted an intricate bronze trophy for the competition.
  10. The golfer sank the winning putt and claimed the tournament trophy.

Trophy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The museum exhibited a collection of ancient Roman trophies.
  2. The winners proudly held their gleaming gold trophies.
  3. The athletes posed for a photo with their championship trophies.
  4. The display case showcased a variety of sports trophies.
  5. The school celebrated their victorious season with multiple engraved trophies.
  6. The competition awarded silver and bronze trophies to the runners-up.
  7. The team’s victory parade included waving their hard-earned trophies.
  8. The ceremony honored the recipients with personalized crystal trophies.
  9. The championship event recognized the top performers with unique sculptural trophies.
  10. The players raised their tournament trophies amidst cheers and applause.

Singular Possessive of Trophy

The singular possessive form of “Trophy” is “Trophy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Trophy:

  1. The athlete proudly displayed the trophy’s golden shine.
  2. The winner’s name was engraved on the trophy’s base.
  3. The coach held up the trophy’s for everyone to see.
  4. The team celebrated the trophy’s victory.
  5. Trophy’s significance symbolizes achievement and success.
  6. The recipient cherished the honor of holding the trophy’s.
  7. The ceremony recognized the recipient with the trophy’s presentation.
  8. The auctioneer set a high starting bid for the valuable trophy’s.
  9. The museum displayed the historic trophy’s in a special exhibit.
  10. The golfer teed off to defend the trophy’s title.

Plural Possessive of Trophy

The plural possessive form of “Trophy” is “Trophies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Trophy:

  1. The museum showcased various sports trophies’.
  2. The winners celebrated their trophies’ achievements.
  3. The display featured a collection of antique trophies’.
  4. The athletes cherished their hard-earned trophies’.
  5. Trophies’ significance lies in the dedication and perseverance.
  6. The competitors aspired to win multiple trophies’.
  7. The collector gathered an impressive array of trophies’.
  8. The awards ceremony recognized the recipients with their respective trophies’.
  9. The tournament presented the winners with shiny trophies’.
  10. The athletes’ accomplishments were commemorated with their engraved trophies’.

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