Catch Plural, What is the Plural of Catch?

Meaning: hold (something which has been thrown).

Plural of Catch

Singular Plural
Catch Catches

Synonyms of Catch

  • hook
  • snap
  • bolt
  • buckle
  • clamp
  • clasp

Catch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The baseball player made an impressive catch in the outfield.
  2. The fisherman boasted about his biggest catch.
  3. The quarterback threw a long pass for a touchdown catch.
  4. Can you make a one-handed catch?
  5. The birdwatcher spotted a rare species during a morning catch.
  6. The acrobat performed a daring mid-air catch.
  7. The gymnast executed a flawless catch on the high bar.
  8. The receiver made a diving catch in the end zone.
  9. The highlight of the game was the goalkeeper’s incredible catch.
  10. The dog chased the ball and made a leaping catch.

Catch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fisherman showed off his impressive catches of the day.
  2. The outfielders made several exceptional catches in the game.
  3. The birdwatcher’s trip resulted in many rare bird catches.
  4. Can you compare the statistics of their respective catches?
  5. The team celebrated their successful season with photos of their best catches.
  6. The fishing tournament awarded prizes for the largest catches.
  7. The wildlife photographer’s collection featured stunning animal catches.
  8. The highlight reel showcased the player’s incredible catches.
  9. The coach praised the team’s collective effort in making crucial catches.
  10. The documentary highlighted the struggles of commercial fishing and its impact on fish catches.

Singular Possessive of Catch

The singular possessive form of “Catch” is “Catch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Catch:

  1. The Catch’s size exceeded all expectations.
  2. Please examine the Catch’s unique features.
  3. The Catch’s weight needs to be measured accurately.
  4. We need to identify the Catch’s species for documentation.
  5. The Catch’s age can be estimated through analysis.
  6. The Catch’s value as a specimen is significant.
  7. The Catch’s capture was an exciting achievement.
  8. Researchers analyzed the Catch’s DNA for further study.
  9. The Catch’s impact on the ecosystem should be assessed.
  10. The Catch’s migration patterns were studied extensively.

Plural Possessive of Catch

The plural possessive form of “Catch” is “Catches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Catch:

  1. The catches’ sizes varied considerably within the sample.
  2. Please examine the catches’ distinct characteristics.
  3. The catches’ weights need to be recorded accurately.
  4. We need to document the species of the captured catches’.
  5. The catches’ ages can be determined through analysis.
  6. The catches’ value as specimens is significant for research.
  7. The catches’ captures were a noteworthy achievement.
  8. Researchers analyzed the DNA of the captured catches’.
  9. The catches’ impacts on the ecosystem were examined.
  10. The catches’ migration patterns were studied extensively.

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