Press Plural, What is the Plural of Press?

Meaning: a device for applying pressure, printing press

Singular and Plural of Press

Singular Plural
press Presses

Press as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The journalist works for a reputable press agency.
  2. The press conference was attended by many reporters.
  3. He gained recognition for his investigative press coverage.
  4. The press release announced the company’s latest product.
  5. The book received positive reviews from the literary press.
  6. The press photographer captured a powerful image.
  7. The magazine is known for its political press articles.
  8. The press coverage generated public interest in the issue.
  9. They held a press briefing to address the controversy.
  10. The newspaper won several awards for its investigative press.

Press as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The presses ran non-stop to meet the deadline.
  2. They operate multiple printing presses for different publications.
  3. The newspaper invested in modern presses for higher efficiency.
  4. The book was printed using traditional letterpress presses.
  5. They upgraded their presses to improve print quality.
  6. The factory produces thousands of books using its presses.
  7. The company expanded its fleet of presses to meet demand.
  8. The presses hummed with activity in the printing room.
  9. The magazine decided to outsource its presses for cost savings.
  10. The printing company offers maintenance services for their presses.

Singular Possessive of Press

The singular possessive form of “Press” is “Press’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Press:

  1. The press’s coverage was extensive and detailed.
  2. The reporter wrote an article about the press’s role.
  3. I need to contact the press’s editor for clarification.
  4. The press’s influence affects public opinion.
  5. The journalist won an award for the press’s investigative reporting.
  6. The newspaper apologized for the press’s incorrect headline.
  7. The press’s freedom is essential for democracy.
  8. The magazine highlighted the press’s achievements.
  9. The publisher announced the press’s upcoming releases.
  10. The company faced scrutiny due to the press’s allegations.

Plural Possessive of Press

The plural possessive form of “Press” is “Presses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Press:

  1. The presses’ printing speed determines production efficiency.
  2. We need to maintain the presses’ performance for optimal output.
  3. The newspaper invested in new presses’ technology.
  4. The company operates multiple presses’ for different publications.
  5. The presses’ maintenance is scheduled for tomorrow.
  6. The printing industry relies on presses’ reliability.
  7. The presses’ quality control ensures consistent output.
  8. The publishers invested in their presses’ upgrades.
  9. The technician fixed the presses’ malfunctioning part.
  10. The magazine expanded its capacity by adding more presses’.

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