Incident Plural, What is the plural of Incident?

Meaning: an instance of something happening; an event or occurrence.

Plural of Incident

Singular Plural
Incident Incidents

Incident as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The incident occurred late at night near the park.
  2. She reported the incident to the police immediately.
  3. The detective is investigating the mysterious incident.
  4. His reckless behavior caused the incident on the highway.
  5. The company took swift action to resolve the incident.
  6. The airline apologized for the unfortunate incident and offered compensation.
  7. The incident had a profound impact on their lives.
  8. She witnessed the entire incident from her apartment window.
  9. The security camera captured the entire incident on tape.
  10. He remained calm during the stressful incident.

Incident as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The police were called to the scene of multiple incidents.
  2. She experienced several unfortunate incidents during her trip.
  3. The news reported on the recent incidents in the city.
  4. The school implemented new safety measures after the series of incidents.
  5. The company faced criticism for its handling of the workplace incidents.
  6. The neighborhood has seen a rise in criminal incidents.
  7. The authorities are investigating the related incidents as a potential crime spree.
  8. The report documented the frequency of traffic incidents in the area.
  9. The local community was deeply concerned about the recurring incidents.
  10. The company held a meeting to address the safety incidents.

Singular Possessive of Incident

The singular possessive form of “Incident” is “Incident’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Incident:

  1. The witness gave a statement about the incident’s details.
  2. The investigation focused on the incident’s causes.
  3. The report described the incident’s consequences.
  4. The officer documented the incident’s location.
  5. The lawyer questioned the incident’s key witnesses.
  6. The journalist covered the incident’s developments.
  7. The victim provided information about the incident’s timeline.
  8. The supervisor addressed the employees’ concerns regarding the incident’s aftermath.
  9. The security camera captured footage of the incident’s occurrence.
  10. The psychologist analyzed the incident’s psychological impact.

Plural Possessive of Incident

The plural possessive form of “Incident” is “Incidents'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Incident:

  1. The witnesses gave statements about the incidents’ details.
  2. The investigations focused on the incidents’ causes.
  3. The reports described the incidents’ consequences.
  4. The officers documented the incidents’ locations.
  5. The lawyers questioned the incidents’ key witnesses.
  6. The journalists covered the incidents’ developments.
  7. The victims provided information about the incidents’ timelines.
  8. The supervisors addressed the employees’ concerns regarding the incidents’ aftermath.
  9. The security cameras captured footage of the incidents’ occurrences.
  10. The psychologists analyzed the incidents’ psychological impact.

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