Hyperbole Plural, What is the plural of Hyperbole?

Meaning: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

Plural of Hyperbole


Hyperbole as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Her statement was an obvious hyperbole meant for emphasis.
  2. The comedian used hyperbole to exaggerate everyday situations.
  3. The advertisement employed hyperbole to make a bold claim.
  4. He appreciated the writer’s clever use of hyperbole.
  5. The speaker’s story was filled with hyperbole for dramatic effect.
  6. She rolled her eyes at the obvious hyperbole in his statement.
  7. The movie’s plot relied on hyperbole to create comedy.
  8. The politician’s promises were dismissed as empty hyperbole.
  9. The literary device of hyperbole added depth to the poem.
  10. The audience chuckled at the speaker’s clever hyperbole.

Hyperbole as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The book was filled with colorful hyperboles that captivated readers.
  2. They analyzed the effectiveness of different literary hyperboles.
  3. The writer’s exaggerated hyperboles added humor to the story.
  4. He studied the use of hyperboles in advertising campaigns.
  5. They appreciated the author’s creative use of hyperboles.
  6. The speech contained numerous hyperboles to emphasize the point.
  7. The poet’s verses were packed with vivid and imaginative hyperboles.
  8. She enjoyed the witty and sarcastic hyperboles in the novel.
  9. The comedian’s jokes relied heavily on clever hyperboles.
  10. The article critiqued the excessive use of hyperboles in modern writing.

Singular Possessive of Hyperbole:

  1. The impact of the storm was hyperbole’s fury.
  2. The hyperbole’s exaggeration added humor to the story.
  3. The author’s book was full of hyperbole’s imaginative descriptions.
  4. The speaker used hyperbole’s theatrical gestures to make a point.
  5. The influence of social media can be seen in hyperbole’s popularity.
  6. The comedian’s jokes were laced with hyperbole’s comic effect.
  7. The critics dismissed the argument as hyperbole’s sensationalism.
  8. The advertisement relied on hyperbole’s persuasive language.
  9. The power of hyperbole’s rhetoric was undeniable.
  10. The poet’s verses were infused with hyperbole’s emotional intensity.

Plural Possessive of Hyperboles:

  1. The book contained various literary hyperboles’ examples.
  2. The comedy show thrived on the hyperboles’ humorous exaggeration.
  3. The politicians’ speeches were filled with empty hyperboles’ promises.
  4. The writer’s style was known for employing hyperboles’ vivid imagery.
  5. The speechwriters’ usage of hyperboles’ grand statements drew attention.
  6. The advertising campaign relied on catchy hyperboles’ slogans.
  7. The teacher explained different types of hyperboles’ creative language.
  8. The newspaper article criticized the use of hyperboles’ misleading claims.
  9. The playwright’s dialogue was characterized by dramatic hyperboles’ expressions.
  10. The students analyzed the poem’s underlying hyperboles’ meanings.

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