Something Plural, What is the Plural of Something?

Meaning: a thing that is unspecified or unknown

Plural of Something


 Synonyms of Something

  • object
  • integer
  • individuality
  • individual
  • existent
  • entity
  • commodity
  • being

Something as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. There’s something strange lurking in the dark corner.
  2. I felt something brush against my arm in the crowd.
  3. Something delicious was cooking in the kitchen.
  4. I noticed something glittering on the ground.
  5. The package contained a surprise gift, wrapped in something
  6. I have a feeling something amazing is about to happen.
  7. I need to find something to wear for the party.
  8. There’s something mysterious about that abandoned house.
  9. The bookshop had something for every type of reader.
  10. The chef created a unique dish with something

Something as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The magician pulled out a handful of colorful somethings.
  2. The box was filled with random somethings from my childhood.
  3. I found somethings that reminded me of my favorite memories.
  4. The art exhibition displayed a collection of abstract somethings.
  5. The treasure chest was full of valuable somethings.
  6. The children’s game involved guessing the hidden somethings.
  7. The store sold unique and unusual somethings from around the world.
  8. The museum displayed ancient artifacts and mysterious somethings.
  9. The gift shop had a section dedicated to quirky and fun somethings.
  10. The workshop offered classes on creating beautiful handmade somethings.

Singular Possessive of Something

The singular possessive form of “Something” is “Something’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Something:

  1. I could see it in something’s reflection.
  2. The smell lingered in something’s vicinity.
  3. I noticed a sparkle in something’s surface.
  4. The weight affected something’s balance.
  5. The sound came from something’s depths.
  6. I sensed a change in something’s atmosphere.
  7. The taste lingered on something’s palate.
  8. I glimpsed a glimmer of hope in something’s eyes.
  9. The touch left a residue on something’s texture.
  10. I recognized the familiarity in something’s voice.

Plural Possessive of Something

The plural possessive form of “Something” is “Somethings'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Something:

  1. I could see it in somethings’ reflections.
  2. The smells lingered in somethings’ vicinity.
  3. I noticed sparkles in somethings’ surfaces.
  4. The weights affected somethings’ balance.
  5. The sounds came from somethings’ depths.
  6. I sensed changes in somethings’ atmospheres.
  7. The tastes lingered on somethings’ palates.
  8. I glimpsed glimmers of hope in somethings’ eyes.
  9. The touches left residues on somethings’ textures.
  10. I recognized the familiarities in somethings’ voices.

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