Cranium Plural, What is the Plural of Cranium?

Meaning: the skull, especially the part enclosing the brain.

Plural of CRANIUM

Singular Plural
Cranium Craniums


  • crown
  • head
  • braincase
  • brainpan

Cranium as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patient’s cranium for any signs of injury.
  2. The skull is the protective structure of the human cranium.
  3. The surgeon performed a delicate operation on the patient’s cranium.
  4. The X-ray revealed a fracture in the back of the cranium.
  5. The artist sculpted a detailed model of the human cranium.
  6. The forensic scientist studied the remains of the ancient cranium.
  7. The child wore a protective helmet to prevent cranium
  8. The brain is housed within the bony cavity of the cranium.
  9. The athlete’s fall resulted in a minor concussion of the cranium.
  10. The doctor used a special instrument to examine the inside of the patient’s cranium.

Cranium as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The archaeologists discovered ancient craniums during the excavation.
  2. The museum displayed a collection of fossilized animal craniums.
  3. The anthropologists studied the diverse shapes of human craniums.
  4. The research focused on the evolutionary changes in primate craniums.
  5. The anatomical study examined the differences between male and female craniums.
  6. The museum exhibit showcased the diversity of animal craniums.
  7. The scientists analyzed the growth patterns of infant craniums.
  8. The study compared the sizes of the Neanderthal and modern human craniums.
  9. The forensic experts used computer imaging to reconstruct damaged craniums.
  10. The paleontologists discovered fossilized dinosaur craniums in the desert.

Singular Possessive of Cranium

The singular possessive form of “Cranium” is “Cranium’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cranium:

  1. Cranium’s structure protects the brain.
  2. The doctor examined Cranium’s X-ray.
  3. I can feel a bump on Cranium’s surface.
  4. The skull is Cranium’s bony casing.
  5. Cranium’s shape determines head size.
  6. The injury caused a crack in Cranium’s bone.
  7. The artist painted a portrait of Cranium’s profile.
  8. The surgeon operated on Cranium’s fractured area.
  9. Cranium’s size varies among different species.
  10. The archaeologist discovered an ancient Cranium’s fragment.

Plural Possessive of Cranium

The plural possessive form of “Cranium” is “Crania’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cranium:

  1. Crania’s structures protect the brains.
  2. The doctors examined the patients’ Crania’s X-rays.
  3. I can feel bumps on the elephants’ Crania’s surfaces.
  4. The skulls are the lions’ Crania’s bony casings.
  5. Crania’s shapes determine head sizes.
  6. The injuries caused cracks in the victims’ Crania’s bones.
  7. The artist painted portraits of the family members’ Crania’s profiles.
  8. The surgeons operated on the accident victims’ Crania’s fractured areas.
  9. Crania’s sizes vary among different species.
  10. The archaeologists discovered ancient human ancestors’ Crania’s fragments.

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