Smiley Plural, What is the Plural of Smiley?

Meaning: a symbol representing a smiling face

Plural of Smiley

Singular Plural
smiley Smileys/smilies

 Synonyms of Smiley

  • upbeat
  • smiling
  • merry
  • joyful
  • happy

Smiley as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She sent me a cute smiley in her text message.
  2. The digital communication is full of emojis and smileys.
  3. He drew a big smiley on the whiteboard.
  4. The teacher rewarded the students with smileys on their assignments.
  5. The yellow smiley face brightened up the page.
  6. She wore a smiley pin on her backpack.
  7. The website had a collection of animated smileys.
  8. The smiley symbolizes happiness and positivity.
  9. The children love to draw smileys on their artwork.
  10. The email was accompanied by a friendly smiley.

Smiley as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The chat room was filled with colorful smileys.
  2. They decorated the bulletin board with various smileys.
  3. The students received stickers of different smileys as rewards.
  4. The digital conversation was peppered with funny smileys.
  5. The website offered a wide range of animated smileys.
  6. She collects different types of smileys in her phone’s gallery.
  7. The email contained multiple cheerful smileys.
  8. The chat group exchanged virtual high-fives and smileys.
  9. The company’s logo featured a stylized smiley.
  10. The online forum used smileys to express emotions.

Singular Possessive of Smiley

The singular possessive form of “Smiley” is “Smiley’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Smiley:

  1. Smiley’s brightness brings joy to everyone.
  2. The meaning behind Smiley’s is positivity.
  3. The simplicity of Smiley’s design is iconic.
  4. Smiley’s expression reflects happiness and cheerfulness.
  5. The origin of Smiley’s is traced back to the ’60s.
  6. Smiley’s popularity continues to grow worldwide.
  7. Smiley’s association with happiness is well-known.
  8. The appearance of Smiley’s is instantly recognizable.
  9. The message of Smiley’s is to spread smiles.
  10. Smiley’s presence brightens up any space.

Plural Possessive of Smiley

The plural possessive form of “Smiley” is “Smileys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Smiley:

  1. Smileys’ brightness bring joy to everyone’s faces.
  2. The meanings behind Smileys’ are diverse.
  3. The simplicity of Smileys’ designs is timeless.
  4. Smileys’ expressions evoke happiness and cheerfulness.
  5. The origins of Smileys’ can be traced to different eras.
  6. Smileys’ popularity spans across cultures.
  7. Smileys’ associations with happiness are universal.
  8. The appearances of Smileys’ are instantly recognizable.
  9. The messages of Smileys’ are to spread joy and positivity.
  10. Smileys’ presence adds a touch of happiness everywhere.

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