Smithereens Plural, What is the Plural of Smithereens?

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Meaning: small pieces

Plural of Smithereens

Singular Plural
smithereens smithereens

 Synonyms of Smithereens

  • splinter
  • sliver
  • shiver
  • shard
  • fragment
  • flake
  • chip

Smithereens as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The explosion shattered the vase into smithereens.
  2. The hammer crushed the fragile object into tiny smithereens.
  3. The car crash left the windshield in smithereens.
  4. The boxer’s punch sent his opponent’s nose into smithereens.
  5. The rock was smashed to smithereens by the sledgehammer.
  6. The fragile glass broke into countless smithereens.
  7. The explosion reduced the building to smithereens.
  8. The plate slipped from her hands and shattered into smithereens.
  9. The artist smashed the sculpture to smithereens in a fit of rage.
  10. The storm’s strong winds blew the window into smithereens.

Smithereens as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The bomb blast scattered the debris into countless smithereens.
  2. The demolition crew reduced the old building to smithereens.
  3. The vandals smashed the windows and left them in smithereens.
  4. The explosion tore the wooden door into small smithereens.
  5. The rockslide broke the boulders into sharp smithereens.
  6. The shattered glass littered the floor in tiny smithereens.
  7. The wrecking ball reduced the concrete wall to smithereens.
  8. The explosion sent the metal fragments flying in all directions as smithereens.
  9. The car accident left the vehicles in twisted smithereens.
  10. The fireworks burst in the sky, creating colorful smithereens.

Singular Possessive of Smithereens

The singular possessive form of “Smithereens” is “Smithereens’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Smithereens:

  1. The explosion reduced the building to Smithereens’s.
  2. Smithereens’s scattered fragments covered the ground.
  3. The force of the blast shattered Smithereens’s pieces.
  4. Smithereens’s destruction was swift and complete.
  5. The sound of the impact echoed through Smithereens’s.
  6. The cleanup process involved collecting Smithereens’s.
  7. Smithereens’s remnants revealed the extent of the damage.
  8. The investigation aimed to reconstruct Smithereens’s origin.
  9. The blast left behind a trail of Smithereens’s evidence.
  10. Smithereens’s presence indicated a powerful explosion.

Plural Possessive of Smithereens

The plural possessive form of “Smithereens” is “Smithereens'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Smithereens:

  1. The explosions reduced the buildings to Smithereens’.
  2. Smithereens’ scattered fragments covered the entire area.
  3. The forces of the blasts shattered Smithereens’ into pieces.
  4. Smithereens’ destruction was devastating and widespread.
  5. The sounds of the impacts echoed as Smithereens’ flew.
  6. The cleanup process involved collecting Smithereens’ debris.
  7. Smithereens’ remnants revealed the scale of the explosions.
  8. The investigations aimed to reconstruct Smithereens’ origins.
  9. The blasts left behind trails of Smithereens’ as evidence.
  10. Smithereens’ presence indicated multiple powerful explosions.

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