Hilum Plural, What is the plural of Hilum?

Meaning: the scar on a seed marking the point of attachment to its seed vessel.

Plural of Hilum


Hilum as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The radiologist examined the patient’s lung hilum.
  2. The doctor pointed to the dark spot on the hilum.
  3. The X-ray showed an abnormality near the hilum.
  4. The hilum is an important anatomical structure.
  5. The surgeon operated near the lung hilum.
  6. The medical student studied the anatomy of the kidney hilum.
  7. The CT scan revealed a tumor in the lung hilum.
  8. The radiographer marked the location of the lung hilum.
  9. The chest X-ray captured the details of the lung hilum.
  10. The patient’s coughing caused discomfort in the hilum.

Hilum as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The radiographs displayed abnormalities in the lung hila.
  2. The doctor examined the enlarged hila on the X-ray.
  3. The CT scan revealed lesions near both lung hila.
  4. The medical team analyzed the bilateral lung hila.
  5. The radiologist pointed out the asymmetry in the lung hila.
  6. The chest X-ray showed calcifications in the lung hila.
  7. The surgeon focused on the lymph nodes in the lung hila.
  8. The abnormal shadows appeared in the periphery of the lung hila.
  9. The radiologist documented the findings in the report for both lung hila.
  10. The bronchoscope examined the airways near the lung hila.

Singular Possessive of Hilum

The singular possessive form of “Hilum” is “Hilum’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hilum:

  1. The surgeon carefully examined Hilum’s structure.
  2. The radiologist identified abnormalities in Hilum’s x-ray.
  3. I studied the anatomy of Hilum’s organs.
  4. The researcher discovered a new function of Hilum’s cells.
  5. The doctor explained the importance of Hilum’s position.
  6. The pathologist examined Hilum’s tissue sample.
  7. I marveled at the complexity of Hilum’s network.
  8. The biologist researched the development of Hilum’s vessels.
  9. The patient’s condition affected Hilum’s functionality.
  10. The textbook provided detailed diagrams of Hilum’s structure.

Plural Possessive of Hilum

The plural possessive form of “Hilum” is “Hila’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hilum:

  1. The doctors analyzed the patients’ Hila’s images.
  2. The researchers compared the Hila’s functions in different species.
  3. The CT scan revealed abnormalities in the Hila’s.
  4. I learned about the diseases affecting the Hila’s.
  5. The ultrasound showed the movement of the Hila’s.
  6. The surgeon operated on the patients’ Hila’s.
  7. The radiologist evaluated the sizes of the Hila’s.
  8. The textbooks discussed the development of the Hila’s.
  9. The pathology report indicated inflammation in the Hila’s.
  10. The lab technician examined the samples under the microscope to study the Hila’s.

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