Foreman Plural, What is the plural of Foreman?

Meaning: a male worker who supervises and directs other workers.

Singular and Plural of Foreman

Singular Plural
Foreman Foremen

Foreman as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The foreman inspected the construction site for safety hazards.
  2. The foreman assigned tasks to each worker on the team.
  3. Our experienced foreman guided us through the complex project.
  4. The skilled foreman managed the assembly line efficiently.
  5. The diligent foreman ensured that the project stayed on schedule.
  6. The authoritative foreman made important decisions for the team.
  7. The responsible foreman supervised the workers’ performance closely.
  8. The experienced foreman provided valuable guidance to the apprentices.
  9. The reliable foreman organized the materials for the upcoming project.
  10. The competent foreman resolved conflicts among the team members.

Foreman as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The foremen discussed the progress of multiple construction sites.
  2. The experienced foremen shared their expertise with the new hires.
  3. The diligent foremen coordinated the workflow among different teams.
  4. The responsible foremen ensured that safety standards were met.
  5. The knowledgeable foremen inspected each phase of the construction.
  6. The skilled foremen supervised the workers with precision and care.
  7. The authoritative foremen made critical decisions for their respective teams.
  8. The competent foremen implemented efficient strategies to meet deadlines.
  9. The dedicated foremen motivated the workers to achieve their goals.
  10. The reliable foremen communicated the project requirements to the workers.

Singular Possessive of Foreman

The singular possessive form of “Foreman” is “Foreman’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Foreman:

  1. The Foreman’s office was located on the construction site.
  2. The workers followed the Foreman’s instructions diligently.
  3. The Foreman’s authority was respected by the entire crew.
  4. The Foreman’s expertise ensured the project’s success.
  5. The team relied on the Foreman’s guidance and experience.
  6. The Foreman’s hard hat protected him from falling debris.
  7. The workers reported to the Foreman’s designated area.
  8. The Foreman’s whistle signaled the start of the workday.
  9. The Foreman’s clipboard held the plans and schedules.
  10. The Foreman’s responsibility included overseeing safety measures.

Plural Possessive of Foreman

The plural possessive form of “Foreman” is “Foremen’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Foreman:

  1. The construction site had multiple Foremen’s offices.
  2. The Foremen’s decisions were based on careful analysis.
  3. The workers followed the Foremen’s instructions diligently.
  4. The Foremen’s experience ensured efficient coordination.
  5. The crew appreciated the Foremen’s leadership and expertise.
  6. The Foremen’s helmets protected them from potential hazards.
  7. The workers reported to the Foremen’s assigned areas.
  8. The Foremen’s radios allowed them to communicate easily.
  9. The Foremen’s meetings addressed project progress and issues.
  10. The Foremen’s responsibility included managing resources effectively.

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