Beauty Plural, What is the plural of Beauty?

Meaning of Beauty

a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form.

Singular and Plural of Beauty

Singular Plural
Beauty Beauties

Beauty as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She possessed beauty that captivated everyone around her.
  2. The sunset’s vibrant colors added to the natural beauty of the landscape.
  3. Her flawless skin was a reflection of her inner beauty.
  4. The artist’s painting captured the delicate beauty of a blooming flower.
  5. The graceful dance movements showcased the elegance and beauty of the performer.
  6. The actress was known for her timeless beauty and charm.
  7. The symphony orchestra played a piece that celebrated the beauty of classical music.
  8. The poem described the ethereal beauty of a starry night.
  9. The intricate details of the sculpture highlighted its artistic beauty.
  10. The calm and serene lake exuded a sense of peaceful beauty.

Beauty as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The artist’s paintings depicted various beauties of nature.
  2. The museum showcased the different beauties of art from around the world.
  3. The photographer captured the unique beauties of different cultures.
  4. The magazine featured the top ten natural beauties of the year.
  5. The fashion show displayed the diverse beauties of models from different backgrounds.
  6. The documentary explored the hidden beauties of untouched landscapes.
  7. The art gallery displayed the timeless beauties of classical paintings.
  8. The song celebrated the inner beauties that lie within each person.
  9. The film highlighted the struggles and beauties of human relationships.
  10. The travel book described the breathtaking beauties of exotic destinations.

Singular Possessive of Beauty 

The singular possessive form of “Beauty” is “Beauty’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Beauty:

  1. The fragrance of Beauty’s perfume filled the room.
  2. I was captivated by the glow of Beauty’s complexion.
  3. Can you please fetch Beauty’s bag from the car?
  4. The elegance of Beauty’s gown turned heads at the event.
  5. We admired Beauty’s confidence on the stage.
  6. The camera captured Beauty’s smile in the photograph.
  7. I complimented Beauty’s artwork on the wall.
  8. Beauty’s voice resonated through the concert hall.
  9. The grace of Beauty’s movements left the audience in awe.
  10. Beauty’s personality shines through her words.

Plural Possessive of Beauty 

The plural possessive form of “Beauty” is “Beauties'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Beauty:

  1. All of the Beauties’ talents were showcased at the pageant.
  2. The judges admired the grace of the Beauties’ performances.
  3. The room was filled with the laughter of the Beauties’ friends.
  4. We celebrated the achievements of the Beauties’ with a grand ceremony.
  5. The gallery exhibited the artwork of the Beauties’ collection.
  6. The audience applauded the skills of the Beauties’ team.
  7. The guests were in awe of the beauty of the Beauties’ dresses.
  8. The photographers captured the essence of the Beauties’ essence.
  9. The crowd admired the style of the Beauties’ fashion line.
  10. The museum displayed the artifacts from the Beauties’ era.

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