Sleep Plural, What is the Plural of Sleep?

Meaning: a condition of body and mind

Plural of Sleep

Singular Plural
sleep sleeps

 Synonyms of Sleep

  • zizz
  • snooze
  • siesta
  • rest
  • power nap
  • nap
  • kip
  • forty winks
  • drowse
  • doze
  • catnap
  • bye-byes

Sleep as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. A good night’s sleep is essential for productivity.
  2. The baby finally fell into a peaceful sleep.
  3. The lack of sleep affected her concentration and mood.
  4. The warm bed provided a cozy place for a comfortable sleep.
  5. The medication helped her get a restful sleep.
  6. The night shift worker struggled with irregular sleep
  7. The relaxation techniques helped induce deep sleep.
  8. The sleepover with friends was filled with laughter and late-night sleep.
  9. The hammock swayed gently, lulling him into a deep sleep.
  10. The pillow provided excellent support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Sleep as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The sleeps she had during the day were insufficient.
  2. The frequent sleeps during the day disrupted his routine.
  3. The baby’s short sleeps left the parents exhausted.
  4. The power nap consisted of multiple short sleeps.
  5. The doctor recommended taking short sleeps to combat fatigue.
  6. The sleep clinic monitored patients’ daytime sleeps.
  7. The irregular sleeps affected her overall well-being.
  8. The frequent interruptions prevented deep and restful sleeps.
  9. The shift workers struggled with adjusting to irregular sleeps.
  10. The cat’s numerous short sleeps throughout the day puzzled its owner.

Singular Possessive of Sleep

The singular possessive form of “Sleep” is “Sleep’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Sleep:

  1. The quality of Sleep’s rest is essential.
  2. Sleep’s duration affects overall health.
  3. The benefits of Sleep’s routine are evident.
  4. Sleep’s patterns should be consistent.
  5. Sleep’s importance cannot be underestimated.
  6. The disruption of Sleep’s cycle leads to fatigue.
  7. The room is designed for Sleep’s comfort.
  8. Sleep’s impact on productivity is significant.
  9. The dream reflects Sleep’s subconscious thoughts.
  10. The lack of Sleep’s benefits is noticeable.

Plural Possessive of Sleep

The plural possessive form of “Sleep” is “Sleeps'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Sleep:

  1. The quality of Sleeps’ rest varies among individuals.
  2. Sleeps’ durations determine their energy levels.
  3. The benefits of Sleeps’ routines are diverse.
  4. Sleeps’ patterns should align with their needs.
  5. Sleeps’ importance for overall well-being is universal.
  6. The disruption of Sleeps’ cycles affects multiple people.
  7. The rooms are designed for Sleeps’ optimal comfort.
  8. Sleeps’ impact on society’s functioning is significant.
  9. The dreams reflect Sleeps’ subconscious minds.
  10. The lack of Sleeps’ benefits is concerning.

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