Goldfish Plural, What is the plural of Goldfish?

Meaning: a small reddish-golden Eurasian carp, popular in ponds and aquaria

Singular and Plural of Goldfish


Goldfish as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She owned a beautiful goldfish in her aquarium.
  2. The children enjoyed watching the colorful goldfish
  3. He won a goldfish at the carnival’s game booth.
  4. The pet store had a variety of goldfish for sale.
  5. The pond was populated with vibrant goldfish.
  6. The artist painted a realistic portrait of a goldfish.
  7. The aquarium had a tank dedicated to exotic goldfish
  8. The fisherman caught a lively goldfish while angling.
  9. The biology class dissected a preserved goldfish for study.
  10. The boy named his pet goldfish “Bubbles”.

Goldfish as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They admired the beauty of the swimming goldfish.
  2. The pond was home to a school of colorful goldfish.
  3. The pet shop sold dozens of healthy goldfish every week.
  4. The aquarium had separate tanks for different species of goldfish.
  5. The enthusiasts participated in a goldfish breeding competition.
  6. They studied the behavior of the captive goldfish
  7. The park had a pond teeming with lively goldfish.
  8. The children fed the hungry goldfish in the pond.
  9. The farmers bred and sold high-quality goldfish for ornamental purposes.
  10. The researchers conducted experiments to improve the longevity of goldfish.

Singular Possessive of Goldfish

The singular possessive form of “Goldfish” is “Goldfish’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Goldfish:

  1. The color of goldfish’s scales was vibrant.
  2. Goldfish’s habitat requires specific conditions.
  3. The child admired goldfish’s graceful movements.
  4. The care guide explained goldfish’s diet.
  5. Goldfish’s lifespan depends on proper care.
  6. The pet owner loved goldfish’s playful nature.
  7. The pet store provided goldfish’s supplies.
  8. The tank’s size determines goldfish’s comfort.
  9. The child learned about goldfish’s behavior.
  10. The competition judged goldfish’s appearance.

Plural Possessive of Goldfish

The plural possessive form of “Goldfish” is “Goldfish’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Goldfish:

  1. The aquarium displayed multiple goldfish’s.
  2. The store specializes in breeding goldfish’s.
  3. The children enjoyed watching goldfish’s interactions.
  4. The tank’s design accommodates multiple goldfish’s.
  5. Goldfish’s popularity as pets has grown.
  6. The owners observed their goldfish’s behavior closely.
  7. The prize-winning goldfish’s were on display.
  8. The experts shared tips on caring for goldfish’s.
  9. The pond is home to various species of goldfish’s.
  10. The pet shop offers a variety of goldfish’s.

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