Goose Plural, What is the Plural of Goose?

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Meaning of Goose

The meaning of Goose is a large water bird with a long neck, short legs, webbed feet, and a short broad bill. Generally geese are larger than ducks and have longer necks and shorter bills.

Plural of Goose

Singular Plural
Goose Geese

Synonyms of Goose

  • assistance
  • improvement
  • lift
  • praise
  • promotion
  • helping hand
  • leg up
  • support
  • backup
  • buildup
  • hand
  • handout

Goose as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The goose waddled across the field.
  2. I saw a goose swimming in the pond.
  3. The farmer fed the goose in the pen.
  4. The little girl was scared of the goose.
  5. The goose honked loudly and flapped its wings.
  6. I cooked a delicious goose for dinner.
  7. The goose laid a golden egg.
  8. The goose flew south for the winter.
  9. The goose hissed at the intruder.
  10. The hunter aimed his gun at the goose.

Goose as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The geese gathered by the lake.
  2. I counted five geese flying overhead.
  3. The farmer raised a flock of geese.
  4. The children fed bread crumbs to the geese.
  5. The geese honked loudly as they flew.
  6. I saw a V-shaped formation of geese.
  7. The geese migrated to warmer climates.
  8. The geese swam gracefully in the pond.
  9. The hunter took aim at the geese in the field.
  10. The geese flapped their wings and took off.

Singular Possessive of Goose

The singular possessive form of “Goose” is “Goose’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Goose:

  1. The goose’s feathers were beautifully iridescent.
  2. I admired the elegance of the goose’s graceful flight.
  3. Please be careful not to disturb the goose’s nest.
  4. The farmer’s dog chased the goose’s goslings away.
  5. I watched as the hunter aimed at the goose’s chest.
  6. The goose’s honking echoed across the lake.
  7. The child was fascinated by the goose’s long neck.
  8. We fed breadcrumbs to the goose’s hungry beak.
  9. The goose’s wings flapped vigorously as it took off.
  10. The farmer proudly showed off the size of his goose’s eggs.

Plural Possessive of Goose

The plural possessive form of “Goose” is “Geese’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Goose:

  1. The geese’s migration pattern spans thousands of miles.
  2. We watched the geese’s synchronized flight in awe.
  3. The farmer protected the geese’s nesting grounds from predators.
  4. The geese’s feathers were coated with morning dew.
  5. The children laughed at the geese’s comical waddling.
  6. We marveled at the geese’s V-shaped formation in the sky.
  7. The farmer collected the geese’s eggs for sale.
  8. The geese’s honking could be heard from a distance.
  9. The geese’s footprints marked their path along the shore.
  10. The wildlife photographer captured stunning images of the geese’s arrival.

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