20+ Slang for Lying (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Lying Mean?

“Lying” refers to the deliberate act of providing false or misleading information with the intention to deceive or mislead others, often leading to a distortion of truth or reality. It involves making statements contrary to what one knows to be true.

Slang For Lying

Slang Words for Lying

Here is the list of slang words for Lying with meanings:

  1. BS: Nonsense or falsehoods.
  2. Fibbing: Telling small, harmless lies.
  3. Stretching the truth: Exaggerating or altering facts.
  4. Spinning a yarn: Creating a tall tale.
  5. Bullshitting: Speaking without regard to truth.
  6. Talking trash: Making unfounded claims.
  7. Bluffing: Pretending to have a stronger position.
  8. Jiving: Speaking misleadingly or deceptively.
  9. Pulling one’s leg: Teasing or joking by lying.
  10. Faking: Pretending or acting insincerely.
  11. Whopper: A big, outrageous lie.
  12. Telling tales: Fabricating stories.
  13. Feeding a line: Giving deceptive information.
  14. Blowing smoke: Intentionally deceiving.
  15. Throwing shade: Discrediting through insinuations.
  16. Bending the truth: Slightly altering facts.
  17. Cooking up: Creating a fictitious story.
  18. Stringing along: Leading on with deception.
  19. Spreading BS: Sharing false stories.
  20. Giving the runaround: Avoiding the truth by being evasive.

Use of Lying Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Lying:

  1. That’s total BS, he wasn’t there.
  2. She’s just fibbing to avoid getting in trouble.
  3. He’s always stretching the truth for attention.
  4. Grandma’s spinning a yarn about her youth again.
  5. I think he’s just bullshitting about that deal.
  6. Stop talking trash, you weren’t even there.
  7. He’s only bluffing about his poker hand.
  8. Stop jiving and tell me the truth.
  9. I’m just pulling your leg, it’s not true.
  10. She’s faking her excitement about the party.
  11. That story was a complete whopper.
  12. He’s telling tales about his adventures again.
  13. She’s feeding you a line; don’t believe her.
  14. He’s blowing smoke about his achievements.
  15. She’s throwing shade by spreading those rumors.
  16. You’re bending the truth a bit, aren’t you?
  17. He’s cooking up another one of his stories.
  18. She’s just stringing him along with false promises.
  19. Everyone’s spreading BS about that scandal.
  20. They kept giving me the runaround about the refund.

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