20+ Slang for Going (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Going Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Refers to the act of leaving or moving from one place to another. It can also indicate an ongoing action or process.

Slang For Going

Slang Words for Going

  1. Bouncing: Leaving quickly.
  2. Dipping: Heading out.
  3. Jetting: Leaving in a hurry.
  4. Rolling: Moving or departing.
  5. Booking: Going fast.
  6. Peace out: Saying goodbye.
  7. Bolt: To run away quickly.
  8. Skedaddle: Departing swiftly.
  9. Ghost: Leave without telling.
  10. Deuce: Saying goodbye.
  11. Slide: Depart smoothly.
  12. Vamoose: Leave promptly.
  13. Bail: Exiting a situation.
  14. Blow: Go away quickly.
  15. Bust: Head out promptly.
  16. Dash: Leave suddenly.
  17. Scram: Urgent leave.
  18. Peel out: Depart with speed.
  19. Cut: Depart or go.
  20. Hightail: Leave quickly.

Use of Going Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We’re bouncing from the club now.
  2. I’m dipping after this song.
  3. She’s jetting to her next class.
  4. We’re rolling out in five minutes.
  5. He’s booking it to the airport.
  6. I’ll peace out now, see you later!
  7. Don’t just bolt, tell me!
  8. Let’s skedaddle before it rains.
  9. Why’d he ghost the party?
  10. I’m out, deuce!
  11. I’ll slide to the store later.
  12. You better vamoose before she’s here.
  13. I think I’ll bail on the plan.
  14. I’ve got to blow, sorry!
  15. Let’s bust out of this place.
  16. She saw the time and dashed.
  17. Someone’s coming! Scram!
  18. He made a quick decision to peel out.
  19. Time to cut, it’s getting late.
  20. When he noticed the time, he hightailed it.

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