20+ Slang for Face (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Face Mean?

The face is the front part of a person’s head, typically extending from the forehead to the chin, and including the eyes, nose, and mouth. It serves as the primary means for visual identification and emotional expression.

Slang For Face

Slang Words for Face

  1. Mug: The front of one’s head.
  2. Kisser: Mouth and surrounding area.
  3. Physiog: Short for physiognomy, or face.
  4. Visage: A fancy term for face.
  5. Countenance: Formal term for face.
  6. Puss: Informal and cheeky term for the face.
  7. Boat: Cockney rhyming slang, ‘boat race’ for face.
  8. Chops: Mouth or lower part of the face.
  9. Dial: Slang for the entire face.
  10. Gob: Informal term for mouth.
  11. Map: Playful term for face.
  12. Mush: Casual term for face.
  13. Smile: Mouth when smiling.
  14. Snout: The nose or front of the face.
  15. Trap: Informal for the mouth.
  16. Yap: Slang for the mouth.
  17. Cakehole: Another term for mouth.
  18. Bake: A Scottish term for the face.
  19. Muzzle: Animalistic term for face.
  20. Grid: Sporty term for face.

Use of Face Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I can’t believe he broke his mug falling off the bike.
  2. He got hit right in the kisser.
  3. What’s up with your physiog today?
  4. She has such a serene visage.
  5. His countenance shifted suddenly.
  6. Don’t make that face; you’ll freeze your puss.
  7. Can’t believe he painted his boat like that!
  8. He has food all over his chops.
  9. She’s always ready to dial up her dial.
  10. Keep your gob shut during the meeting.
  11. You should see the map of him!
  12. Quit smushing your mush against the window.
  13. Her smile was captivating.
  14. He broke his snout in the fight.
  15. She can’t keep her trap shut.
  16. Keep your yap closed during the movie.
  17. Don’t stuff your cakehole so fast.
  18. What happened to your bake, mate?
  19. He’s got a tough-looking muzzle.
  20. Did you see the grid on that player?

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