20+ Slang for Having a Good Time (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Having a Good Time Mean?

Engaging in enjoyable activities or experiences. Feeling content, happy, or entertained.

Slang For Having a Good Time

Slang Words for Having a Good Time

  1. Chillin’ – Relaxing, not stressed.
  2. Lit – Extremely fun, exciting.
  3. Jammin’ – Enjoying music or activity.
  4. Vibing – In a good mood.
  5. Buzzin’ – Excited, full of energy.
  6. Turnt – Lively, energetic atmosphere.
  7. Kickin’ it – Spending quality time.
  8. Stoked – Extremely enthusiastic.
  9. Gassed – Really happy or excited.
  10. Bopping – Dancing or enjoying oneself.
  11. Zonked – Extremely relaxed, unwound.
  12. Crunk – Energized, hyped up.
  13. Groovin’ – Enjoying the rhythm or experience.
  14. Mellow – Relaxed, chilled out.
  15. Psyched – Excited, pumped up.
  16. Raving – Enjoying an energetic party.
  17. Blissed – Feeling extremely happy.
  18. Jiving – Dancing or feeling upbeat.
  19. Thrillin’ – Having an exhilarating time.
  20. Lush – Luxurious or enjoyable.

Use of Having a Good Time Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We’re just chillin’ at the beach today.
  2. Last night’s party was totally lit.
  3. We were jammin’ to some great tunes.
  4. She was vibing with her friends.
  5. The crowd was buzzin’ with excitement.
  6. The concert was absolutely turnt.
  7. We’re kickin’ it old-school tonight.
  8. I’m stoked for the weekend getaway.
  9. He’s gassed about the game.
  10. Everyone was bopping to the beat.
  11. After the spa, I felt zonked.
  12. The team was crunk after the win.
  13. We were groovin’ to some classics.
  14. The atmosphere was so mellow.
  15. I’m psyched for the road trip.
  16. They’re raving about the DJ’s set.
  17. She’s blissed out in nature.
  18. We were jiving all night long.
  19. The rollercoaster was absolutely thrillin’.
  20. The spa day was totally lush.

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