30+ Slang for Traveler (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Traveler Mean?

A traveler is a person who moves from one place to another, especially over long distances. They often journey for leisure, exploration, or other personal reasons.

Slang For Traveler

Slang Words for Traveler

Here is the list of slang words for Traveler with meanings:

  1. Globetrotter: Someone who travels worldwide frequently.
  2. Wander luster: One passionate about wandering, and exploring.
  3. Jetsetter: Travels frequently, often luxuriously.
  4. Nomad: Person without fixed residence; roamer.
  5. Backpacker: Traveler with a backpack; budget explorer.
  6. Roamer: One who roams around places.
  7. Vagabond: Wandering traveler without a home.
  8. Drifter: Moves from place to place aimlessly.
  9. Wayfarer: Traveler, especially on foot.
  10. Hobo: Homeless traveler, often job-seeking.
  11. Tripper: Someone on a short journey.
  12. Voyager: Long journey traveler, often sea-based.
  13. Tourist: Someone traveling for pleasure, sightseeing.
  14. Rambler: Wanderer, often enjoying nature walks.
  15. Trekker: One who undertakes long journeys, and hikes.
  16. Explorer: Travels to discover unknown territories.
  17. Gypsy: Historically, a nomadic people; wanderers.
  18. Roadie: A person traveling with a band/musician.
  19. Pilgrim: Traveler on a religious journey.
  20. Gallivanter: One who roves about for pleasure.
  21. Journeyer: A person who undertakes a journey.
  22. Rover: A wanderer without a fixed route.
  23. Adventurer: Seeker of exciting or risky experiences.
  24. Excursionist: Someone on a brief pleasure trip.
  25. Mariner: Sailor, one who travels by sea.
  26. Cruiser: One who travels, especially by ship.
  27. Migrant: Moves from place to place for work/life.
  28. Expat: Short for expatriate; lives outside the homeland.
  29. Sojourner: Temporary resident; short-term traveler.
  30. Itinerant: Moving from place to place; wandering.

Use of Traveler Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Traveler:

  1. She’s a true globetrotter, visiting seven continents.
  2. His Instagram reveals a true wander luster spirit.
  3. With her lavish trips, she’s a jetsetter.
  4. The desert calls to the nomad in him.
  5. He met many backpackers in the youth hostel.
  6. As a roamer, he never stays put.
  7. The vagabond had stories from every continent.
  8. She’s a drifter, finding peace in movement.
  9. The scenic path is popular among wayfarers.
  10. A train passed, carrying many hopeful hobos.
  11. We’re just weekend trippers, exploring nearby towns.
  12. The voyager wrote tales of the deep seas.
  13. The tourist took pictures at every landmark.
  14. He’s a rambler, preferring trails over roads.
  15. The mountain’s peak challenged every trekker‘s spirit.
  16. As an explorer, she uncovered hidden ruins.
  17. The gypsy camp told tales of old roads.
  18. The roadie set up the stage swiftly.
  19. The pilgrim sought solace at the sacred shrine.
  20. As a gallivanter, he cherished every new sunset.
  21. The journeyer documented his travels in a diary.
  22. A true rover, she finds home everywhere.
  23. The adventurer braved jungles and icy peaks.
  24. The excursionist opted for day trips only.
  25. As a mariner, he knows the sea’s moods.
  26. The cruiser enjoyed sunsets from the ship deck.
  27. The migrant worker harvests crops seasonally.
  28. Living in Japan, he’s an expat now.
  29. As a sojourner, she experiences many cultures briefly.
  30. The preacher was an itinerant, moving town-to-town.

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