20+ Slang for Marine (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Marine Mean?

“Marine” refers to anything related to the sea or ocean, encompassing aspects like marine life, marine biology, or marine ecology. It can also pertain to a member of a military force specializing in operations conducted on or from the sea, such as a Marine or a member of a Marine Corps.

Slang For Marine

Slang Words for Marine

Here is the list of slang words for Marine with meanings:

  1. Squid: A sailor, usually in the navy.
  2. Salt: An experienced sailor or marine.
  3. Anchor Clanker: A member of the naval force.
  4. Seadog: An old, experienced sailor.
  5. Water Jockey: A marine or naval person.
  6. Bluejacket: An enlisted sailor or naval personnel.
  7. Sea Monkey: A somewhat playful term for a sailor.
  8. Deck Ape: A deckhand or sailor.
  9. Bubblehead: A submariner or submarine crew member.
  10. Jarhead: A U.S. Marine, originally pejorative.
  11. Leatherneck: term for a U.S. Marine, referencing the leather collar of their uniforms.
  12. Swab: A sailor, especially one who mops the deck.
  13. Scuttlebutt: A sailor’s gossip or also a drinking fountain on a ship.
  14. Dirt Sailor: A marine who doesn’t typically go to sea.
  15. Shipmate: A fellow sailor or marine.
  16. Old Salt: A very experienced or old sailor.
  17. Sea Soldier: Refers to marines, emphasizing their combat role.
  18. Gob: A British term for a sailor.
  19. Boat People: A colloquial term for naval crew.
  20. Wave: A female member of the U.S. Navy.

Use of Marine Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang term Marine:

  1. I met a squid at the port yesterday.
  2. With his years at sea, he’s a true salt.
  3. The anchor clanker shared stories of his journeys.
  4. Everyone respects the wisdom of the old seadog.
  5. The water jockey showed us around the ship.
  6. That bluejacket knows his way around every ship.
  7. Funny how those sea monkeys always have the best tales.
  8. The deck ape was hard at work, scrubbing away.
  9. My cousin is a bubblehead on a nuclear sub.
  10. He’s proud to be a jarhead, serving his country.
  11. The leatherneck stood guard outside the embassy.
  12. The swab cleaned the deck till it shone.
  13. Have you heard the latest scuttlebutt about the captain?
  14. He’s a dirt sailor, more at home on land.
  15. I served with that shipmate on the USS Arizona.
  16. The old salt has tales that can go on for hours.
  17. The sea soldier was on the front lines during the operation.
  18. I’ve heard the term gob used in old British films.
  19. The boat people are having a reunion next week.
  20. She was a wave during World War II.

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