20+ Slang for Hawaiian (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Hawaiian mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Hawaiian refers to anything originating from, characteristic of, or connected with the U.S. state of Hawaii. It also denotes the native people of Hawaii and their language.

Slang For Hawaiian

Slang Words for Hawaiian

  1. Pau – Finished or completed
  2. Mahalo – Thank you
  3. Ono – Delicious or tasty
  4. Haole – Foreigner or outsider
  5. Lanai – Balcony or patio
  6. Makai – Toward the ocean
  7. Mauka – Toward the mountain
  8. Kokua – Help or assistance
  9. Kapu – Forbidden or sacred
  10. Keiki – Child or children
  11. Aloha – Hello or goodbye
  12. Da Kine – The best or the thing
  13. Shaka – Hang loose, friendly gesture
  14. Lolo – Crazy or foolish
  15. Poke – Raw fish salad
  16. Grinds – Food or a meal
  17. Hana Hou – Do it again, encore
  18. Kama’aina – Local resident
  19. Wahine – Woman or female
  20. Kane – Man or male

Use of Hawaiian Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Dinner’s pau, time to relax.
  2. Mahalo for the wonderful gift!
  3. This sushi is so ono.
  4. He’s a haole, new to the islands.
  5. Enjoy the sunset from the lanai.
  6. Walk makai to find the beach.
  7. The hiking trail goes mauka.
  8. Thanks for your kokua with the move.
  9. That area is considered kapu.
  10. Take your keiki to the park.
  11. Say aloha when you greet someone.
  12. That surfer is definitely da kine.
  13. Give a shaka when you’re cruising.
  14. Acting lolo will get you nowhere.
  15. Have some poke for lunch today.
  16. Those are some good grinds!
  17. The band was so good, Hana Hou!
  18. She’s a kama’aina, born and raised.
  19. The wahine surfers are amazing.
  20. A group of kane went fishing.

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