20 Slang for Black Eye (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does the Black Eye Mean?

A black eye is a bruise or discoloration around the eye, usually resulting from a blow or impact. It is often accompanied by swelling and temporary vision impairment.

Slang For Black Eye

Slang Words for Black Eye

  1. Shiner: A bruised, blackened eye.
  2. Mouse: Small swelling near the eye.
  3. Peeper: Bruised eye area.
  4. Clout: Result of a hit to the eye.
  5. Bing: Quick appearance of a black eye.
  6. Knockout: Extremely noticeable black eye.
  7. Eye-Jammy: A painful, swollen eye.
  8. Goggle: Bruised and swollen eye.
  9. Screamer: Highly noticeable black eye.
  10. Plum: Dark, purplish black eye.
  11. Raccoon: Extremely dark circles around both eyes.
  12. Egg: Swollen and rounded eye bruise.
  13. Panda: Bruised area under both eyes.
  14. Nugget: Small but painful bruised eye.
  15. Bumper: Prominently swollen black eye.
  16. Welt: Raised area around a black eye.
  17. Smackeroo: Result of a strong blow to the eye.
  18. Thumper: Large, painful bruise around the eye.
  19. Gobsmack: Very surprising and shocking black eye.
  20. Slug: Bruise caused by a fist.

Use of Black Eye Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She has a shiner from playing softball.
  2. After the fight, he got a mouse near his left eye.
  3. Don’t mess with him; he’ll give you a peeper.
  4. She earned that clout from walking into a door.
  5. He got a bing from his little brother’s toy.
  6. That’s a knockout of a black eye you’ve got!
  7. He got an eye jammy from bumping into a cabinet.
  8. She sports a goggle after the boxing match.
  9. That screamer can be seen from across the room.
  10. Her plum looks worse than it feels.
  11. He looks like a raccoon after the accident.
  12. That egg looks painful, you should see a doctor.
  13. After the fight, he had a panda for weeks.
  14. Don’t underestimate that nugget, it still hurts.
  15. He got a bumper from tripping over the dog.
  16. The welt around her eye is healing.
  17. She got a smackeroo from a rogue baseball.
  18. That thumper will take time to heal.
  19. What a gobsmack of a black eye!
  20. He took a slug right in the eye during the match.

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