20+ Slang for Mafia (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Mafia Mean?

“Mafia” refers to a secretive and often organized criminal group that engages in illegal activities, using coercion, violence, and corrupt practices to maintain control over a specific territory or industry, typically for financial gain and power. The term originated in Italy and has been applied to similar criminal organizations worldwide.

Slang For Mafia

Slang Words for Mafia

Here is the list of slang words for Mafia with meanings:

  1. Mob: Organized crime syndicate, often Italian-American.
  2. Firm: British term for organized crime group.
  3. Syndicate: A group involved in organized crime.
  4. Cosa Nostra: Literal ‘Our Thing’; Sicilian crime organization.
  5. Outfit: Crime organization, often Chicago-based.
  6. Yakuza: Japanese organized crime syndicate.
  7. Triad: Chinese secret society and criminal organization.
  8. Cartel: Drug trafficking syndicate, mainly South American.
  9. Family: A crime clan, especially in the Mafia context.
  10. Crew: Subgroup within a larger crime family.
  11. Bratva: Russian organized crime, means “brotherhood”.
  12. Clan: Organized crime family, often Italian.
  13. Ring: Group involved in specific criminal activities.
  14. Posse: Often means a gang, sometimes involved in organized crime.
  15. Underworld: The realm of organized crime in general.
  16. Mafioso: A member of the Mafia.
  17. Capo: A high-ranking member in a Mafia family.
  18. Soldato: Lowest ranking Mafia member; a soldier.
  19. Don: The leader of a Mafia family.
  20. Consigliere: Advisor to a Mafia Don; counselor.

Use of Mafia Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Mafia:

  1. The mob has its roots in many big cities.
  2. The firm controls the east end of London.
  3. The drug syndicate has expanded its territories.
  4. Cosa Nostra maintains a strict code of silence.
  5. The Chicago outfit was once led by Al Capone.
  6. The yakuza has many tattoos signifying their membership.
  7. The triad is known for their secretive rituals.
  8. The Colombian cartel dominated the cocaine trade.
  9. The Gambino family is a known name in New York.
  10. His crew was responsible for the bank heists.
  11. The bratva has a ruthless reputation globally.
  12. The Genovese clan is an influential Italian Mafia.
  13. The smuggling ring got busted last month.
  14. The local posse has been causing trouble recently.
  15. Many fear the criminals of the underworld.
  16. He’s known as a top mafioso in the region.
  17. The capo ordered the hit on his rival.
  18. As a soldato, he followed orders without question.
  19. The don called for a meeting tonight.
  20. The consigliere advised against the war with another family.

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