20+ Slang for Handsome (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Handsome Mean?

Handsome refers to a person, often a man, who is visually appealing in a dignified or striking way. The term can also describe something that is generously proportioned or skillfully done.

Slang For Handsome

Slang Words for Handsome

  1. Hunky – Physically attractive and strong.
  2. Stud – Attractive, usually muscular man.
  3. Babe – Extremely attractive person.
  4. Fly – Stylish and good-looking.
  5. Smokin’ – Extremely hot or attractive.
  6. Snacc – Attractive enough to ‘eat’.
  7. Buff – Physically fit, attractive.
  8. Dapper – Neat, attractive appearance.
  9. Dime – Perfect 10, very attractive.
  10. Drool-worthy – So attractive it induces drooling.
  11. Foxy – Attractive in a sexy way.
  12. Hotshot – Impressive, good-looking individual.
  13. Jaw-dropper – Extremely attractive person.
  14. Killer – Stunningly attractive.
  15. Ripped – Muscular and good-looking.
  16. Slick – Smooth and attractive.
  17. Snazzy – Stylish, attractive in appearance.
  18. Swanky – Fashionable and good-looking.
  19. Tasty – Attractive in a delicious way.
  20. Zesty – Full of energy, attractive.

Use of Handsome Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He is quite hunky with that beard.
  2. Look at that stud on the beach.
  3. She’s a real babe in that dress.
  4. Those shoes are really fly.
  5. His new profile picture is smokin’.
  6. Wow, he’s a total snacc.
  7. She looks buff in her workout gear.
  8. He looks so dapper in a suit.
  9. She’s a dime, no question.
  10. That actor is absolutely drool-worthy.
  11. Have you seen her? She’s foxy.
  12. With that car, he’s a hotshot.
  13. Her entrance was a jaw-dropper.
  14. That dress looks killer on you.
  15. He got really ripped this summer.
  16. His hair looks exceptionally slick today.
  17. Those new sunglasses are snazzy.
  18. This party is absolutely swanky.
  19. The new barista is kinda tasty.
  20. Her dance moves are really zesty.

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