50+ Slang for Alcohol (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Alcohol Mean?

Alcohol refers to a class of organic compounds that include ethanol, commonly used as a recreational beverage and solvent. In a social context, “alcohol” often refers to alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and spirits, which contain ethanol and can have intoxicating effects when consumed.

Slang For Alcohol

Slang Words for Alcohol

Here is the list of slang words for Alcohol:

  1. Booze
  2. Brewski
  3. Hooch
  4. Sauce
  5. Liquid courage
  6. Firewater
  7. Grog
  8. Suds
  9. Pop
  10. Cold one
  11. Tipple
  12. Moonshine
  13. Vino
  14. Plonk
  15. Swill
  16. Pint
  17. Brew
  18. Bubbly
  19. Shots
  20. Chug
  21. Hard stuff
  22. Nectar
  23. Hair of the dog
  24. Juice
  25. Tipples
  26. Spirits
  27. Guzzler
  28. Lush
  29. Crush
  30. Libations
  31. Giggle juice
  32. Poison
  33. Rotgut
  34. Ale
  35. Jar
  36. Pilsner
  37. Malt
  38. Stout
  39. Draft
  40. Lite
  41. Hard drink
  42. Binge
  43. Buzz
  44. Splash
  45. Glug
  46. Glass
  47. Round
  48. Bevvie (short for “beverage”)
  49. Slammer
  50. Knockback

Slang Terms for Alcohol with Meanings

  1. Booze: General term for alcohol.
  2. Brewski: A beer.
  3. Hooch: Cheap or illegal alcohol.
  4. Sauce: General term for alcohol.
  5. Liquid courage: Alcohol boosting confidence.
  6. Firewater: Strong distilled spirits.
  7. Grog: Diluted rum or any beverage.
  8. Suds: Beer, especially with froth.
  9. Pop: Soft drink or beer.
  10. Cold one: A chilled beer.
  11. Tipple: To drink alcohol (verb).
  12. Moonshine: Homemade distilled alcohol.
  13. Vino: Wine.
  14. Plonk: Cheap wine.
  15. Swill: Low-quality alcohol.
  16. Pint: A measure for beer.
  17. Brew: Beer.
  18. Bubbly: Champagne or sparkling wine.
  19. Shots: Small glasses of spirits.
  20. Chug: To drink quickly.
  21. Hard stuff: Strong alcoholic beverages.
  22. Nectar: Pleasing alcoholic drink.
  23. Hair of the dog: Alcohol to cure a hangover.
  24. Juice: Alcoholic beverage.
  25. Tipples: Drinks, especially alcoholic.
  26. Spirits: Distilled alcoholic beverages.
  27. Guzzler: Heavy drinker or large drinker.
  28. Lush: Drunk person or lush drink.
  29. Crush: Flavorful mixed drink.
  30. Libations: Drinks offered to deities.
  31. Giggle juice: Alcohol causing merriment.
  32. Poison: One’s preferred alcoholic drink.
  33. Rotgut: Very cheap, poor-quality alcohol.
  34. Ale: Type of beer.
  35. Jar: A drink, often beer.
  36. Pilsner: Type of beer.
  37. Malt: Malted liquor or milkshake.
  38. Stout: Dark, rich beer.
  39. Draft: Beer from a keg.
  40. Lite: Light version of beer/alcohol.
  41. Hard drink: Alcoholic beverage.
  42. Binge: Heavy drinking session.
  43. Buzz: Feeling from alcohol consumption.
  44. Splash: A bit of added liquid.
  45. Glug: Sound of pouring a drink.
  46. Glass: A drink or vessel for drink.
  47. Round: Set of drinks for a group.
  48. Bevvie: Short for “beverage”.
  49. Slammer: Strong alcoholic shot.
  50. Knockback: A shot or a setback.

Use of Alcohol Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Grab some booze for the party tonight.
  2. Hand me a cold brewski, please.
  3. He’s selling homemade hooch out back.
  4. She had too much sauce last night.
  5. He needed some liquid courage for karaoke.
  6. That whiskey is real firewater!
  7. Pirates drank grog on long voyages.
  8. This bar’s suds are the best around.
  9. Want a pop from the cooler?
  10. I’m craving a cold one after work.
  11. Do you often tipple on weekends?
  12. His grandpa used to make moonshine.
  13. We ordered a bottle of Italian vino.
  14. That’s some cheap plonk they’re serving.
  15. No one wants to drink that swill.
  16. I’ll take a pint of your best.
  17. This local brew has a unique taste.
  18. Let’s pop open some bubbly to celebrate.
  19. We did a few shots at the bar.
  20. Dare you to chug that whole thing!
  21. He doesn’t touch the hard stuff.
  22. This wine is pure nectar!
  23. Needed some hair of the dog today.
  24. What’s your favorite cocktail juice?
  25. The bar offers various tipples to try.
  26. She prefers spirits over beer.
  27. My uncle is quite the guzzler.
  28. After five drinks, he’s a total lush.
  29. I love this summer fruit crush.
  30. The ancient ritual involved pouring libations.
  31. He was giggling from the giggle juice.
  32. Whiskey’s his poison of choice.
  33. Avoid that rotgut at the corner store.
  34. I prefer ale over lager.
  35. Grab another jar from the fridge.
  36. That German pilsner is really smooth.
  37. I’ve developed a taste for malt.
  38. Try this chocolate stout; it’s amazing.
  39. Get me a draft, not bottled.
  40. I only drink lite beers now.
  41. He’s not into the hard drink.
  42. Last night was a real binge.
  43. A few more and you’ll get a buzz.
  44. Just add a splash of soda.
  45. Did you hear that glug from the bottle?
  46. Fill up my glass, please.
  47. It’s your turn to buy a round.
  48. Fancy a bevvie after work?
  49. Let’s do a tequila slammer!
  50. That last news was a real knockback.

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